Daily Roundup, 10/01/10

And a very happy October to you. 🙂 Sadly, kind of a boring night… let’s hope for a crazy postseason, hmm?

– The Angels blew a save against the Rangers on a blown pick-off throw
— Mitch Moreland hit two home runs and stole home.
— The Rangers still lost.

– Jose Bautista did not homer, but he stole third base.

– Daric Barton of the Athletics just had 2 HR and 6 RBI… and had to leave the game with a slight injury. Maybe it was shock that the As scored all those runs?

– Bruce Chen and his 4.45 ERA threw a complete game shutout with only two hits against the Rays. Who are actually, like, good.
— It was his first career CGSHO
— He also leads the Royals in wins. In fact, he’s their only starter with a winning record.

– Jake Westbrook and his 5 K/9 career (5.5 in 2010) struck out 9 Rockies in 7.2 innings.

– In four innings against Matt Cain, the Padres scored as many runs as they did in the entire series with the Cubs.

– Buck Showalter has more wins as the manager of the Orioles this year as the previous two managers this year had combined.

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