Daily Roundup, 06/12/11

– The Red Sox have scored thirty runs in their last two games. I know they have a good offense, but THIRTY! In TWO GAMES!
— They outscored the Blue Jays 35 to 6 and outhit them 46 to 12 in their just-completed sweep.
— Hey, at least Bautista homered again, I guess?

– The Yankees had 18 hits today. None of them were home runs.

– Inside-the-park home run for Evan Longoria.
— Home run, period, for Dan Uggla. Bizarro YCPB.
— James Loney grand slam.
—- That last one was off Ubaldo, to boot.
—– The Rockies scored eight runs against the Dodgers and lost.

– Vin Mazzaro shut out the Angels for seven innings. I know the Angels are not what they were a few years ago, but buhhhh
— He walked five and struck out none, to boot.
— His ERA went down over seven runs.
—- He has a 14/7 BB/K ratio in 18.1 IP this season. Yeah, you read that right.

– The Cubs scored three runs off a Philly starter in the first inning!
— And lost anyway. Okay, okay, sometimes you can predict baseball.

– In the Reds/Giants game, Andres Torres got caught stealing. Then, Miguel Tejada promptly stole a base.
— Miguel Tejada’s still batting second, by the way. And he got IBBed today.
— Nate Schierholtz is batting third, and Aubrey Huff and his 84 OPS+ this year is batting fourth.
—- They won.

– Hey, the Twins aren’t the worst team in baseball any more!!
— Francisco Liriano took another no-hitter into the eighth inning today – after already having a no-hitter this year, in what’s been an overall terrible year for him.
— It ended after a… 35-minute offensive explosion by the Twins.
—- Since June 1, the Twins have gained 7.5 games on the Indians. They’re still nine games back.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 06/12/11

  1. Bautista is an animal — he is really tearing it up this year.

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