Daily Roundup, 06/07/11

Today was not that interesting, sadly. But there was still stuff~

– The Mariners, who were red-hot, have lost the last two games with Pineda and Felix starting.
— They lost to the White Sox.

– Jorge Posada had his first hit off a lefty in 2011.
— Actually, he had two hits off a lefty, and one hit off Jonathan Papelbon, who was throwing 97 MPH. Posada, who hasn’t exactly been known for his BA this year, went 3-for-3.
— Those hits off a lefty were off… Jon Lester.
—- …who has a WHIP of 2.00 in his last thirty innings.
—– one of those hits was an infield hit.
—— Posada didn’t even start the game.
——- Freddy Garcia had the second-shortest start of his entire career tonight. The shortest was last year – against Oakland.

– Making his MLB debut, Brad Hand of the Marlins gave up one hit to the Braves.
— Braves starter Tommy Hanson walked five in six innings.
— You see where this is going. The Marlins lost, and Hand got the loss.

– Both the Reds and Cubs had ten hits.
— Reds 8, Cubs 2.
— Miguel Cairo grand slam!!
—- Edinson Volquez didn’t give up a first inning run.

– Edinson Volquez wasn’t the only one making his triumphant return from the DL. Vin Mazzaro did too. He gave up 6 ER in 5 IP and his ERA went down.

– The Tigers and Rangers, who have a very good pitching staff, have played two games. The Tigers have 38 hits.
— They’ve won more series in 2011 than they did in all of 2010.

– Cleveland, who has really struggled lately, scored only one run today…
— and won.
— if it’s against the Twins, does it really count?

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 06/07/11

  1. Bryan says:

    I discovered this blog a few weeks ago through a comment on my own blog, and I really like the content (despite the team preference). I’d be interested to see whether your readers watch baseball the same way I do…

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