A Reflection on Drafts, Sort Of

Today was kind of a dull day, and I feel like doing some draft-related stuff instead of the roundup (summary: John Danks finally got a win, and Jose Bautista still hasn’t homered), so here is a sort of unconventional Daily Roundup. Wootah.

– By the top ten picks in the draft, here’s how many are in the Hall of Fame:
#1: 0 (!!! This will change, though; Griffey, Chipper, and A-Rod were all #1 overall)
#2: 1, Reggie Jackson.
#3: 2, Paul Molitor and Robin Yount.
#4: 1, Dave Winfield. (Barry Larkin was also a #4 overall, however)
#5: 0. Horrible bust JD Drew is only 3 WAR behind Dwight Gooden for best #5 overall pick ever, by the way.
#6: 0 (Derek Jeter and Barry Bonds were both #6 overall. So was Gary Sheffield.)
#7: 0 (though Frank Thomas is just waiting for the call)
#8: 0
#9: 0
#10: 0
So of all the top ten picks overall, in the history of the draft (which “only” goes back to 1965, but that’s still a pretty long time), only four have gone to the Hall of Fame. I feel quite confident saying Jeter, Griffey, and Thomas will almost certainly go in, and the others I mentioned here should too, though they might find some issues with ROIDZ! or what have you. (the already-eliminated-from-the-ballot Kevin Brown was #4 overall too. Mark McGwire was #10.) Even when those guys are voted in, however, those numbers are still shockingly low to me.

Along these lines, a random factoid: The best ever 45th overall pick, by bWAR, is Gerald Laird. By comparison, the picks right by that are pretty good. 46 has Rolen and Rollins. 47, Glavine. 48? Cal Ripken Jr. 49 is Beltran, and 50 has Eckersley, Dunn, and Leiter. But #45? Gerald Laird.

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2 Responses to A Reflection on Drafts, Sort Of

  1. Chad says:

    Wow. Cool facts.

  2. In 1965, Rick Monday became MLB’s first draft pick after being selected by the Kansas City Athletics . Carlos Correa is the most recent first overall draft pick after being selected by the Houston Astros in 2012. Overall, 18 of the 45 picks have participated in the All-Star Game , and two, Bob Horner and Darryl Strawberry , have won the Rookie of the Year Award . Twenty of the forty-five picks have been drafted from high schools, one has been drafted out of the Independent American Association , and the others were drafted from universities. To date, Arizona State University has been the only school from which multiple number-one overall draft picks have been chosen. No first overall draft pick has been inducted into the Hall of Fame , though Ken Griffey Jr. (who will be eligible in 2016) and Chipper Jones (who would be eligible in 2018 if he fulfills his announced plan to retire after 2012) are considered to be likely candidates.

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