Daily Roundup, 06/04/11

– It’s June 4. The Twins just won their first series of the year.
— It was against the Royals. They won their first series in Yankee Stadium since 1999 earlier this year, and then have gone 5-15 since. What’s momentum precious?

– Wackiness in Boston. The As scored eight runs in a game Josh Beckett started against them.
— They had Trevor Cahill going for their side, and they lost.
— They rallied from four runs down in the ninth against Jonathan Papelbon. His ERA is 4.32… yikes.
—- He also got ejected. Right after he threw a strike… that was called a strike.
—– Jason Varitek was ejected a couple of plays earlier in the same inning.
—— the pitcher the Red Sox walked off against wasn’t Brian Fuentes, who pitched two scoreless innings.

– the Padres are 11-21 at home, and they just won two games in a row at home for the first time this year.
— this is still a better winning percentage at home than the Twins have.

– The Mets beat Jair Jurrjens.
— This despite Dan Uggla’s first extra base hit since May 15.
— Good lord, has Dan Uggla been awful.

– The Phillies gave up a home run to Brandon Wood.
— and lost to the Pirates.
— they’re 12-32 all time at PNC Park.

– h/t @mikeaxisa, Bobby Abreu had a 64 OPS+ against LHP coming into tonight’s game. He was on base four times.
— the opposing lefty was CC Sabathia.
— the Angels lost anyway.
—- Mariano Rivera threw one pitch for a save.
—– h/t the awesome @sammillerocr, this was the second one-pitch save of Mariano’s career, and the 166th in baseball history.

– The Indians lost again, at home. Bizarro YCPB.
— a CGSHO by Derek Holland, who had a 4.96 ERA entering tonight.

– It wasn’t quite a CGSHO, and it was against the Nationals, but Joe Saunders threw seven shutout innings.
the Dodgers scored 11 runs. (great writeup, BTW)
— seeing how this year has gone, maybe the most surprising of all: Albert Pujols hit two home runs.

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