Daily Roundup, 06/03/11

– At one point in the Tigers/White Sox game, the White Sox were winning 1-0 even though they had no hits.
— Brent Lillibridge homered.
— Okay, maybe that’s not SO surprising this year. So you want something REALLY unpredictable? Juan Pierre homer. His last home run was ALSO against the Tigers – and it was actually less than a year ago, on August 3, 2010.
—- Adam Dunn infield hit.
—– his first hit off a lefty all year.

– The As scored more runs in the first eight innings of their game against the Red Sox than they did the entire series against the Yankees.
— against Clay Buchholz
— they still lost.

– The Mariners beat the Rays, 7-0.
— as if this wasn’t surprising enough, both teams had four hits.

– Derek Jeter opened the Yankees/Angels game with a fifteen-pitch at-bat.
— against Jered Weaver
— who went on to have four innings with lower pitch counts than that at-bat.

– Juan Nicasio started the game for the Rockies tonight. He got his first two big league hits in this game too, both doubles.
— …off Matt Cain.
— speaking of the Giants, before tonight:
Player A: .233/.291/.403. Player B: .261/.292/.435.
—- Player A is Aubrey Huff. Player B is Jonathan Sanchez.

– Don’t look now, but Cleveland is only 3-7 in their last 10 and have lost four in a row at home. Tonight, they got blown out.
— This is of course bizarro YCPB because I definitely did not think a Cleveland losing streak would be notable before this year.

– Before tonight, A-Rod, Kevin Youkilis, and Ryan Howard were all slugging lower than Jose Bautista’s OBP.
— Toronto scored eight runs and he did not homer.

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