Daily Roundup, 06/02/11

Abbreviated schedule tonight, but some craziness is still out there.

– Aubrey Huff, sitting at a line of .219/.279/.348 with a -1.8 bWAR, the worst in all of baseball, has hit three home runs tonight.
— the Giants currently lead 12-7. This is not a very Giants score.
— Colby Rasmus hit a grand slam against the Giants, but the Cardinals are still losing. Assuming the score holds (it’s currently the bottom of the ninth), this will be the second day in a row where someone on a losing team hit a grand slam.
—- Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn made his major league debut tonight – and walked in his first plate appearance.

– The Mets came back from a 7-0 deficit to win 9-8, the biggest deficit they’ve overcome since June 30, 2000.
— Getting the win in this game was Jason Isringhausen. His last win for the Mets was June 8 – 1999!!
— the Mets rallied from that deficit to stop Mike Pelfrey from getting the loss. This is actually the second time this season they’ve rallied from down 7-0, both times to save Pelfrey from a loss. (they lost the other time, at Philadelphia.)

– Speaking of things that haven’t happened in a really long time, Johnny Damon is batting cleanup tonight for the Rays. The last time he did that was May 8, 1999.
— Carlos Peguero of the Mariners has hit two home runs in this game, against James Shields and his sub-2 ERA on the road so far this year.
— So far the Mariners have scored 7 runs in 3.1 IP against him. THE MARINERS!
—- Oop, Justin Smoak just homered. 8 runs, 3.2 IP.

– Don’t look now, but Cleveland has lost three whole games in a row at home.
— Tonight, they let Endy Chavez go 4-for-4 against them with a triple.

– I guess the answer to “what does it take to ignite the Twins’ offense” is “Sean O’Sullivan.”

– The game isn’t through four innings yet and the Houston/San Diego game is 6-2. Needz less steroidz?

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