Daily Roundup, 05/27/11

Sadly, not too much craziness today~

– The Royals and Rangers were tied at 7-7 through 13.
— The really crazy thing? All of those runs were scored before the end of the end of the second inning, except for the Royals’ 7th run, which was scored in the ninth.
— Neftali Feliz has now blown three saves this year, and they’re all to the Royals.
—- He struck out his first right-handed batter today.
—– Speaking of blown saves to certain teams, might I remind you that Mariano Rivera has blown two saves to the Orioles this year?
—— Oh – now the top of the fourteenth is over. It’s 12-7 Royals. The Royals hit three home runs in this inning, giving them more home runs in the 14th inning than the first, third, and fifth innings, in all of 2011. (h/t @jazayerli)
——- The big blow was a Melky Cabrera HR. He has more home runs than Joey Votto, Matt Holliday, David Wright, Andre Ethier, Adam Dunn, Hanley Ramirez, and Carlos Pena.

– James Loney HR!!!
— Then again, it was off Javier Vazquez.

– By the bottom of the second in NYY/SEA, both catchers had stolen bases.
— Through five innings, the Yankees walked Seattle five times.
— The Mariners have scored all their runs on outs.

– Jose Molina stole a base today, too.
— h/t @dshulman_espn, the Jays walked six, threw three wild pitches, had a passed ball, and botched a squeeze… but won 4-2.
— Speaking of walking six, Adam Dunn had a four-strikeout game yesterday… and a four-walk game today.

– San Francisco’s Brandon Crawford’s first MLB hit in his third MLB PA was a grand slam.

– Your major league leaders in wins? Jon Lester……
– … and Kevin Correia.

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4 Responses to Daily Roundup, 05/27/11

  1. ian says:

    Amazing that Correia has 7 wins while pitching mediocrely for the frickin’ Pirates. Just goes to show what a silly metric pitcher wins are.

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  4. Chad says:

    Child’s play. Four players have hit grand slams in their first at-bats. Daniel Nava did it on the first pitch he saw.

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