Daily Roundup, 05/23/11

– Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Jim Thome all homered in their first games back from the DL.
— Thome homered twice. (Corey Hart, not wanting to be outdone, homered three times tonight, to bring his season total to… three. The 25-23 Brewers have the NL’s best home record.) Both were off lefties too. And Jack Cust hit his first home run of the year – and this at Target Field.
— The Twins scored seven runs… against the Mariners…
—- and still lost.

– Chase Utley came off the DL today, too. He went 0-for-5.
— The Phillies’ currently anemic offense scored ten runs.

– Hamilton homered off John Danks, a lefty.
— Danks, who is really good, is now 0-7.
— to paraphrase @newbergreport, if two months ago I had told you that Texas would throw five-hit shutouts against Philly and the White Sox on back-to-back days, and Matt Harrison and Alexi Ogando would get 52 of the 54 outs, you probably wouldn’t believe me.
—- Alexi Ogando threw a complete game shutout. The last complete game shutout in Arlington was in April 2008, by Vicente Padilla of all people.
—– Speaking of Vicente Padilla, uh, I’m starting to think the Dodger closer role is like the Defense Against the Dark Arts job in Harry Potter.

– Edinson Volquez got sent to the minors today. h/t @jeffcreps, his first inning numbers: .432/.556/.886, with six home runs. Even Jose Bautista is jealous of that.

– With two on and one out, Carl Crawford GIDPed to end the Boston/Cleveland game.
— Cleveland won again, ho hum.
— In 1519 PAs since the beginning of 2009, Carl Crawford’s GIDP was… his 11th. OUCH.
—- Coming into today, Crawford had the lowest qualifying OPS (.520) and OPS+ (43!!!!!) of all players in the AL.
—– Not surprisingly, Cleveland has the highest OPS with RISP in the AL. Second is… Baltimore. (Fourth is the much-maligned-in-this-category Yankees. Two of the top five teams in the AL in OPS with RISP are below .500.)

– In today’s Rays/Tigers game, Detroit starter Phil Coke injured his ankle and had to leave the game. Someone named, uh, Charlie Furbush came in to make his major league debut.
— He got the win, and Andy Dirks hit his first career home run.
— Ben Zobrist, batting cleanup for the Rays, bunted.
—- In one inning, Miguel Cabrera made the last out… stealing… third base.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 05/23/11

  1. 25th_Hour says:

    I came across your blog right from the start and very much enjoy it. However i’m very disappointed at the complete lack of Blue Jays updates. It’s almost as if they don’t exist. It’s sad considering Jose Bautista is by far the best hitter in baseball over the last two seasons. Usually you have a good amount on the Yankees, but somehow, when they play the Jays, nothing.

    Other than that, it’s a good blog. Keep it up.

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