Daily Roundup, 05/22/11

– With the Mets up 3-1 heading into the bottom of the seventh, starter Mike Pelfrey went back out at a very manageable 91 pitches. Within ten pitches, this is what had happened: Gardner single right through his legs, walk on five pitches to Chris Dickerson, HBP to Francisco Cervelli (who was trying to bunt), game-tying two-run single up the middle to Derek Jeter.
— Pelfrey was removed, and the game fell apart for the Mets, to say the least. Curtis Granderson – who has sixteen home runs, second in all of baseball, and had hit a home run earlier in the game – BUNTED, Mark Teixeira was IBBed to load the bases, and A-Rod hit a little ground ball that the third baseman had no play on to drive home the go-ahead run. Cano singled to drive in another run, Posada struck out looking on a ball at his ankles. Brett Gardner bloop double, Chris Dickerson bloop single, error by Willie Harris, and the inning finally ended on a blown call at first base on a ground ball by Derek Jeter. 9-3, Yankees.
— Luis Ayala got the win. He threw two pitches in the top of the seventh.

– Brian Fuentes somehow already has six losses. Maybe not ALL that unpredictable but dear lord, he’s a reliever! Only eight starters had six losses coming into today.

– Asdrubal Cabrera went 5-for-5 with two home runs. He’s already surpassed his career high in homers.
— Asdrubal Cabrera has more home runs than Albert Pujols.
— Who’s slugged .327 since April 24. That’s like a month.

– Rick Porcello had his third career hit today.
— They’ve all been against the Pirates.

– Mike Adams gave up two hits and a run in the same inning
— to Seattle.

– The Royals walked thirteen batters today against the Cardinals – and it still took St. Louis ten innings to win, on two bases-loaded walks (shocking!).
— Colby Rasmus went 0-for-1 with five walks. In six PAs, he swung six times total. He’s the 95th player to walk five times in one game.
— All of his walks were off a different pitcher.
—- Matt Holliday was taken out of the game with an injury. This meant Gerald Laird, DH, was protecting Albert Pujols.
—– Of course, Laird got hit by a pitch that ended up breaking his hand.

– Ubaldo Jimenez pitched a complete game and gave up only two hits.
— Of course, looking at how his year has gone, it’s not really unpredictable that he lost.

– Did you know the Diamondbacks have won six in a row? I didn’t.
— And they just got to .500.

– The entire NL East lost today. Or should I say, the NL LEAST, amirite.
— h/t @ryanfriese, going into today there was one team above .500 in the entire AL Central and West. It was the Indians. (Texas has since joined them; their 24-23 record leads the AL West. Wooooooooo)

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