Daily Roundup, 05/21/11

Wait, you mean the rapture didn’t happen? Guys I am shocked.

– The Yankees left no men on base tonight. No one! It was the first time the team did that since June 2001.
— Curtis Granderson hit a home run tonight off Chris Capuano, a lefty. That’s his eighth home run against a lefty. There are only 29 players in all of baseball with eight home runs, total. From 2004 through 2010, Granderson had twenty home runs, total, off left-handed pitching.
— It was also on an 0-2 pitch. That was only Granderson’s second career HR on an 0-2 pitch, and his first since late September, 2006.

– Against his former team the Rangers, Cliff Lee threw eight shutout innings.
— He walked two!!!!!
— He also stole a base.
—- That was his first career stolen base (though he had one in the 2009 playoffs, but that doesn’t count), and the first stolen base by a pitcher this year.

– Atlanta’s Joe Mather hit a three-run home run.
— His first HR since September 1, 2008. (though he only had 91 PAs over that time, not counting tonight.) His last home run came off… Randy Johnson. Whoah.
— It just ended, but the Braves went 25 innings without drawing a walk.

– The matchup in Florida today was Javier Vazquez for the Marlins and David Price for the Rays. (In other news, before tonight, David Price had a 3.59 ERA… and a 103 ERA+. Holy crap, MOAR STEROIDS PLZ.) Naturally, the Marlins won this game.
— Javy was not just good, but great. Seven shutout innings.

– Boston’s Matt Albers: 0 IP, 5 ER (6 R)
— His ERA went up over three runs tonight.
— Against the Cubs.
—- Who scored eight runs in the top of the eighth to turn a 3-1 deficit into a 9-3 laugher.
—– Some of the plays here (0:38, 1:24…) probably did not help.

– Another two home runs for Jose Bautista. Yaaaawn.

– The Pirates have won two interleague games already. Or, as many interleague games as they won all of last year.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 05/21/11

  1. Chad says:

    The Youkilis error was initially misattributed to Lowrie in the box score.

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