Daily Roundup, 05/19/11

– Jason Giambi had three home runs and seven RBI tonight.
— That was his team’s only offensive output.
— In his entire career, he hadn’t had a three-HR game. The man has 416 career home runs.
—- In 31 PA, he’d only hit .115/.258/.231/.489, good for a 29 OPS+, before tonight.
—– At 40 years and 131 days old, he’s the second-oldest player to ever have a three-homer game. Only Stan Musial, Reggie Jackson, Babe Ruth, and now Giambi have had 3-HR games at forty or older.
——- Cliff Lee pinch-hit in this game.

– Through 14 innings last night, the Yankees had just one run. Through two outs tonight, they had five runs.
— In fifteen innings last night, they had one extra base hit. They had two extra base hits before anyone had made an out tonight.
— In less than four full innings, the Yankees had three triples, including back-to-back triples in the fourth. One of those triples was by Derek Jeter.
—- Who had another XBH, too.
—– The Yankees didn’t have a single until the fifth. They led 7-0 at that point.
—— Jorge Posada played first. In the bottom of the ninth, Russell Martin played third. (Rather predictably, he made an error.)

– Tyson Ross started for the Athletics. He pitched to one batter before his oblique (of course!) started to bother him and he had to leave the game.
— He took the loss.
— Minnesota scored 11 runs against Oakland pitching.

– Neftali Feliz has now blown back-to-back saves against the Royals.
— In 14.1 IP, he has 12 BB and 8 K so far this year.
— The walk-off hero: Frenchy.

– h/t @mlbastian, Cleveland’s Fausto Carmona has given up 18 ER in 8 IP against the White Sox this season, and 16 ER in 56.1 IP against everyone else.

– The Reds are 1-5 against the Pirates, with every game against them so far taking place in Cincinnati.

– Jose Bautista didn’t reach base tonight.
— The Blue Jays won anyway.

– Dillon Gee had a no-hitter going for the Mets through 5.2 IP, at which point God remembered these were the Mets he was talking about; Gee promptly gave up a hit to the opposing pitcher.

– The first six-game winner in the NL is the Cardinals’ Kyle McClellan – AKA the guy replacing Adam Wainwright.

– The Padres have scored the most runs of any team in May.

– Your NEEDS MOAR STEROIDS moment of the night: the current West Coast games are in the ninth (ATL/ARI), seventh (MIL/SDP), and sixth (SFG/LAD). The scores are 0-2, 0-0, and 2-0.

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