Daily Roundup, 05/20/11

– The Red Sox won by ten runs and someone got a save.
— Jon Lester gave up 5 ER in 6 IP and got a win.

– Tonight was the first one-run game at Yankee Stadium the Mets ever won.
— In a 2-1 game, 2011 Jason Isringhausen struck out Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, and got Robinson Cano to ground out weakly.

– Last night, the Orioles lost 13-2. Tonight, they lost 17-5.
— To the Nationals, who got shut out in their last two games.
— The Nationals set a franchise record for most HR with six.

– Jason Hammell of the Rockies hit a home run… he’s a pitcher.
— That’s the first HR for a Rockies pitcher since 2004.
— He homered off Zack Greinke, too.
—- And Jason Giambi homered again, too.
UPDATE: In the race between “what ends first, the world or this game,” it’s tricky to say. They played to a 4-4 tie through 13, at which point the Rockies took a 5-4 lead on back-to-back doubles. To begin the bottom of the 13th, Huston Street gave up a game-tying home run to…… Yuniesky Betancourt.
— The Rockies survived that inning, then took another lead in the top of the fourteenth. With a runner on in the bottom of the fourteenth, though, Prince Fielder hit a ridiculous bomb of a walk-off HR.

– West Coast update: the final score of As/Giants was 2-1 Giants. This is not unpredictable. However, earlier in the game the As walked Aubrey Huff (who has been struggling a lot) to get to Buster Posey. It worked. In the bottom of the tenth, they walked Freddy Sanchez to get to Aubrey Huff. That didn’t work, as Huff hit the walk-off.
— The Giants have won every game Ryan Vogelsong has started.
— Well, hey, Brian Fuentes gave up the walk-off hit. Maybe we can call the rapture off now.

– Sergio Santos has been doing a really good job closing for the White Sox; he hasn’t given up a run all year. Of course, tonight, with two outs in a 3-2 game, he gave up a home run to someone on the Dodgers named Russell Mitchell, and then in the tenth inning he gave up the go-ahead runs.
— Bottom ten, White Sox down 6-3, two runners on, no one out. Alexei Ramirez… tries to bunt. Ends up swinging away on what really should’ve been a hit, but the hit got knocked down by… Russell Mitchell, at third base.

– CJ Wilson struck out eight Phillies through 3.2 IP. Seven of his first eight outs were strikeouts.
— He had ten strikeouts in seven innings overall.
— He lost.
—- He also gave up a home run to Raul Ibanez, the first home run he’s given up to a lefty since 2008 (Robinson Cano actually got him twice in the 2010 ALCS, but the postseason doesn’t count).

– Through four innings tonight, the Angels have scored eight runs.
— They’ve scored one run, total, in their last three games. They’re on a 1-7 streak, and they hadn’t scored more than four runs in any one game in any of those games.
— It’s against Atlanta pitching, too.

– The Astros and the Blue Jays. Man, when these two get together in interleague, you just throw all the records out.

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