Daily Roundup, 05/18/11

– Uh. Yankees/Orioles.
Here’s how the Yankees LoHud Blog described it. I don’t know either, Chad. But I’ll try.
— This was a pitchers’ duel between Bartolo Colon and Zach Britton to start. Colon went eight innings, made this nifty double play, and gave up no runs. Britton went seven innings, gave up one unearned run, and was on line for the loss.
—- …that is, until Mariano Rivera blew the save. (Which caused people to scream about bringing in Mariano. I mean, people wanted to keep Bartolo Colon in, in 2011, with Mariano Rivera available. This could be an entry on its own, people.) That’s the third save in a row Mo’s blown at Camden Yards, going back to last year. And the Yankees have actually won two of those games.
—– The Yankees used Bartolo Colon, Mariano Rivera, Luis Ayala, Boone Logan, and Hector Noesi in this game. Only Mariano gave up a run. h/t @williamnyy23, this was only the seventh time Mariano Rivera surrendered every run given up by the Yankees in a game (as a reliever only; he did it twice otherwise as a starter).
—— the RISP situation was terrible in this game. At one point in I believe the 14th, the Yankees and Orioles had combined to strand 11 runners… since the 11th inning. In extras, the Yankees had a guy on second and no one out and couldn’t score. Then they had a runner on third and no one out and couldn’t score. They had bases loaded and two outs and couldn’t score. The Orioles had the bases loaded and one out and couldn’t score, and runners on second and third with one out and couldn’t score. That last situation – sadly, there is no video of it yet, but A-Rod made a pretty awesome diving play to save the game, then really stupidly threw wide that very much could’ve given away the game, only Mark Teixeira saved the game with a stretch to catch the fairly wild throw.
——- In the fifteenth inning, with Jeremy Accardo in for his third inning of work (seriously, Yankees, how do you let Jeremy Accardo throw two scoreless innings against you), the RISPfail finally ended when Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez singled. At this point, Mike Gonzalez – literally the Orioles’ last pitcher – came in to face Robinson Cano, who promptly ripped a triple on the first pitch he saw. Yay, runs!!! That was also the first extra-base hit of the day.
——– Chris Dickerson (who had come in as a defensive replacement), just called up from the minor leagues the day before this game, was hit in the head in the third pitch of his at-bat, and didn’t get up for quite a while. It was very scary, but also pretty obviously not intentional. Anyway, the umpire immediately threw out Gonzalez. Remember that whole “Orioles’ last pitcher” thing? Yeaaaah.
——— In came Jeremy Guthrie for the Orioles, tomorrow’s scheduled starter. Also, Dickerson got to take a base, but couldn’t stay in the game, so AJ Burnett – yeah, that AJ Burnett – came in to pinch-run.
———- Of course, things couldn’t be easy, so in a 4-1 game, the Yankees let both the first runners on in the bottom of the fifteenth, but got out of it without any runners scoring. Oh, and the last two outs were on a ball hitting a runner and Eduardo Nunez making a putout in the outfield because, why not.
———– Hector Noesi got the win in this one, throwing four innings of relief in his major league debut. h/t @yestoresearch, he’s the second Yankee to get the win in his major league debut by throwing 4+ IP of relief and the first since 19-freaking-44. He’s the first pitcher to do it at all since September 5, 1999 (Cleveland’s Jim Brower, also against Baltimore).

You all still there? Cuz there was a lot more. (Oh, and also, the MONSOON OF DOOOOOOM that was supposed to hit Baltimore and cancel/delay the game never came, not even in a four hour and fifty-six minute game.)

– In just his second game back from injury, Jake Peavy pitched a complete game three-hit shutout.
— speaking of injuries, guys who got hurt today: Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman, Mark DeRosa, Aaron Rowand, Brian Wilson. Injuries are pretty predictable but uh, yikes.

– The final score of Tigers/Red Sox was 1-0. Jarrod Saltalamacchia drove in that one run.
— The final score of the White Sox game was 1-0 too (against the Indians, to boot, who have been very good offensively this year). h/t @gordonedes, from Elias, the last time both the Red Sox and White Sox won 1-0 was April 26, 1909.

– There was a TWO-BASE wild pitch in Braves/Diamondbacks.
— And the Braves have made three outs at third base.
— The Braves got a lead in extras, but Craig Kimbrel promptly blew it on basically a bunch of infield singles.

– Speaking of blown save wackiness, Neftali Feliz gave up a home run to Eric Hosmer to tie the game.
— That’s not the wacky part. The wacky part was that he then proceeded to pick off two Royals to get the next two outs.

– The eventual winning run in the Twins/As game scored because the As threw a bunt away.

– Charlie Morton threw a complete game three-hit shutout.
— Against the Reds.
— Speaking of shutouts, five teams were shut out today. Another five scored just one run. Only 11 teams scored five or more runs. Needs moar steroids.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 05/18/11

  1. Chad says:

    Yeah, that Yankee game was definitely as weird as they come. I started watching once the Red Sox game was over, and by the time it ended, I couldn’t even be unhappy that the Yankees won, because I was just so shell-shocked, so “What the fuck did I just finish watching?” The fifteenth inning alone had enough weirdness to get the job done. Really hope Dickerson’s okay–I may be a Red Sox fan, but just because I don’t like the Yankees doesn’t mean I want to see them hurt, and that looked like it had to hurt.

    -It went off the helmet and hit him in the unprotected part of the head.
    It cracked the helmet. Seriously, how does that even happen?

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