Daily Roundup, 05/17/11

– Another four rainouts tonight. Geez.

– First, from last night: this play in Marlins/Mets. Then again, considering it was by the Marlins, against the Mets, maybe not that unpredictable.
— The Mets’ leader in fWAR by pitchers is K-Rod, he of the 1.403 WHIP. And fWAR is not very reliever-friendly, either.

– The game isn’t over yet, but the Twins scored two runs off Felix Hernandez in the first. The Twins!! Felix!!!!!!

– The Reds beat the Cubs 7-5.
— All of the Reds’ runs were unearned because the Cubs were doing things like this and this.
— The Cubs weren’t the only ones who played ugly; they only had a lead because of a bases-loaded walk.

– Brian McCann hit two home runs, including a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, and a walk-off two innings later. His WPA: a whopping +0.858.
— This is not unpredictable on its own, because he rules. It’s unpredictable because he didn’t even start the game.

– After being basically the only offense on the team for a week now, Curtis Granderson went 0-for-5 and the Yankees actually won.
— h/t @bkabak, in his last 8.1 IP David Robertson has 12 BB and 16 K. He’s always walked a lot and struck out a lot, but uhhhh
— Jorge Posada got two non-home run hits. Two! Brett Gardner successful bunt single! A-Rod hit two home runs after being hilariously bad since April 23 (.171/.236/.232/.468, GOOD LORD)!
—- James Shields went seven innings, struck out nine, gave up only two earned runs… and lost, of course.
—– The Rays are 24-18, but 11-13 at home.

– West Coast update: the As have scored 14 runs and the game isn’t even over yet.

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