Daily Roundup, 05/13/11

– Elvis Andrus homer!
— He has eight career home runs and the Rangers are 8-0 in these games.

– Cameron Maybin went 4-for-4 with two homers against the Rockies tonight.
— The Padres lost anyway.
— He’s hitting .344/.408/.609 away from Petco.

– Through two innings in the Giants/Cubs game, both starting pitchers had drawn a walk.

– Dual complete games at Tropicana Field tonight, the first since September 4, 2003.
— Those complete games in 2003 were thrown by… Jorge Sosa and Ryan Franklin. No, seriously. (thanks to @jasoncollette for this)

– Ronny Cedeno HR.

– Coco Crisp tried to steal home. He was out by like five feet.

– Uh, what are the Diamondbacks doing? Against the Dodgers, Stephen Drew makes a great diving stop on a ball at SS and throws to 2B only oops, Kelly Johnson isn’t covering, so it goes into right field.
— Justin Upton throws the ball to the catcher when he gets it. Runner’s safe. Catcher throws the ball to the third baseman only oops, it gets by him, goes into left field.
— On the next batter, Drew made another nice play, only his throw pulled the first baseman off the bag and they didn’t get the out.

– Brandon League’s appeared in four games this week. He’s lost all of them, three on blown saves.

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