Daily Roundup, 05/08/11

– h/t Hardball Talk, Every AL game ended with one team or the other scoring five runs. Three of those teams lost scoring five runs.
— Paul Konerko also went 5-for-5.

– Uh, Yankees/Rangers is your main insanity of the day. But oh, the insanity.
— The Yankees were down 4-0 early due to a host of miscues, including two errors by CC Sabathia and an error by Brett Gardner, who’s usually excellent defensively.
— CC Sabathia gave up three runs in the first.
—- It didn’t get called an actual error, but Alex Rodriguez also made a pretty big mental error. While I don’t think A-Rod is an elite fielder, he’s an incredibly smart baseball player and it was kind of shocking to see.
—– Anyway, the Yankees rallied back to make it 4-4. The tiebreaking hit was a home run… by Derek Jeter.
—— This was his second home run of the game. Seriously. Derek Jeter. He hasn’t homered since August 24, 2010, and yes that’s including the postseason. It was a 257 at-bat homerless streak, and then he took 0 ABs to get to his next homer. Jeter had three extra base hits this year IN TOTAL before this game, and none were home runs. Jeter went 4-for-6, which raised his BA a full twenty points.
——– Like this wasn’t crazy enough, Francisco Cervelli hit a grand slam. That’s his first home run since June 24, 2009. He now has as many career grand slams as….. Derek Jeter.
——— Your AL HR leader: Curtis Granderson.
———- Robinson Cano walked on four pitches at one point in this game.
———– And Julio Borbon got caught stealing third when the score was still tied.
———— Reliever Cody Eppley’s line today: 0.1 IP, 5 H, 6 R/ER, 1 BB, 0 K, 2 HR.
————- I am not sure whether to include Arthur Rhodes’ appearance in this game. On one hand, in a tie game, he gave up two home runs to the Yankees, a team that has historically owned him, to give them a 6-4 lead they wouldn’t relinquish. On the other hand, those home runs were to Derek Jeter, who’s been punchless over the last year-plus, and Curtis Granderson, who’s been awful against lefties in his career (though, SSS caveat, he’s slugging .710 against them this year so far. .710!!!!). Aw heck, guess I’m including it.
————– Dave Bush actually had a pretty okay spot start, though.

– So basically the Yankees ended up winning 12-5 when they committed four errors (honestly, it should’ve been five) and trailed 4-0 early. This after rallying from a 5-0 deficit yesterday, even if they ended up losing.

– Did you know the Rangers are a loss away from being .500? I didn’t.

– The Pirates are .500. This is the last time they’ve been .500 on Mother’s Day since 2002, and the latest they’ve been .500 since 2005. Then again, things might get ugly for the Buccos from this point on…

– Remember when the Rockies were red hot? They just had a road trip where the starters had a 2.36 ERA… and they went 1-5.
— Ryan Vogelsong threw five perfect innings against them today. He couldn’t get through four against the Mets in his last start.

– Jonny Venters has a 91.7% GB so far this year. Yeah yeah SSS, regression, that’s still insane. Today he gave up a massive fly ball triple that was nearly a home run, and two other massive outs in the air.
— Cole Hamels gave up as many home runs this game as he’s given up the rest of the year combined.

– The Brewers just finished a ten-game road trip they’re probably extremely glad is over: they got shut out three times, and scored just one run three other times.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 05/08/11

  1. Chad says:

    According to this morning’s SportsCenter, there have been 25 no-hit bids of at least 5 innings…in the past week. (Including the two no-hitters.) Let’s see if we can find them all.

    May 2: Madison Bumgarner throws 6.2 perfect innings against the Nats, the first baserunner coming on a Miguel Tejada error…after which Bumgarner gave up two unearned runs on three hits and the Giants lost 2-0.
    May 3: Francisco Liriano no-hits the White Sox.
    May 4-5: Ervin Santana no-hits the Red Sox for 4 innings and leaves after an epic rain delay; Rich Thompson goes 1.2 no-hit innings and Scott Downs adds 0.2 innnings before giving up the first hit.
    May 6: Derek Lowe no-hits the Phillies for 6 innings, even as Cliff Lee is recording 16 strikeouts against the Braves.
    May 6: Jaime Garcia throws 7.1 perfect innings against the Brewers, losing the perfect game on a walk and the no-hitter one batter later.
    May 7: Justin Verlander no-hits the Toronto Blue Jays.
    May 7: Yovani Gallardo no-hits the Cardinals for 7 innings.
    May 8: Anibal Sanchez no-hits the Nats for 6.
    May 8: Ryan Vogelsong stays perfect for 5 innings against the Rockies.

    Yeah…that’s only nine. Maybe they meant 25 for the season? They mentioned that there had been 18 as of May 8 last year. Still, 9 in one week, plus at least one other where a pitcher had 5+ consecutive no-hit innings later in the game (Hudson’s one-hitter.) Even that’s a lot.

  2. Chad says:

    Yeah, they later corrected it to say “25 to this point in the season” in the live editions.

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