Daily Roundup, 05/05/11

Not the most interesting of days.

– The Yankees lost three of four in their series with the Tigers. They won the game Verlander started.
— Today, Eric Chavez tripled for the first time since 2007, then promptly got hurt. This isn’t unpredictable. What is unpredictable was the Yankees’ choice of pinch-runner: some guy named Alex Rodriguez. It’s the first time he’s pinch-ran since 1995 (for Tino Martinez).
— Alex Rodriguez batted for Chavez, too, seventh in the order. Might we remind you that thanks to the 2006 ALDS, that’s not even the lowest he’s batted in Comerica as a Yankee?
—- Before A-Rod had to come in the game this would’ve been only the second game ever pre-September where both Alex and Derek Jeter sat out.

– Josh Johnson gave up five runs to the Cardinals today. He gave up four runs the entire rest of the year.
— Another Lance Berkman homer. He’s now hitting .392/.462/.775.

– The Angels beat the Red Sox again!
— They didn’t just beat them. They annihilated them. 11-0!
— John Lackey: 4+ IP, 10 H, 8 R/ER, 3 BB (and a HBP), 1 K. Keep in mind, the Angels saw Lackey not very long ago in the season and he shut them out for eight innings.
—- The Red Sox put Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks on the DL. Neither of them have been very good, but as @robneyer points out, they’ve both been terrible in different ways. Jenks hasn’t given up a home run, but he’s struck out ten while walking nine. Dan Wheeler’s struck out eight and walked only one in ten innings, but he’s also given up four home runs.

– After winning today, the Indians are 21-9. That’s their best start ever.
— They won their first series in Oakland since 2002.

– Brett Myers has 40 career starts with Houston. He’s gone less than six full innings only twice – and one of them was today.
— Jason Bourgeois leads the majors in stolen bases.

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