Daily Roundup, 05/03/11

May be updated with West Coast stuff.

– No-hitter! No-hitter!
— By Francisco Liriano, who entered tonight with a 9.13 ERA, leading the league in losses, and walking as many as he struck out.
— Well, that last bit won’t change. Actually, he’s now walking more than he’s struck out, as he walked six and only struck out two.
—- Keep in mind: this guy had a .335 BABIP last year, so he got extremely unlucky with balls in play (though it was around .300 this year and it’ll go down after tonight’s start).
—– It’s his first career complete game at any level.

– The opposing starter in this game was Edwin Jackson
— who won a 1-0 no-hitter last year. This time, he was the hard-luck loser.
— He walked EIGHT in that no-hitter. Eight!!
—- h/t @dustinparkes, Edwin Jackson had a 3.88 xFIP tonight. Liriano? 5.84.

– Speaking of the White Sox, Adam Dunn and Alex Rios have lower batting averages than Raul Ibanez, who snapped an oh-for-freakin’-thirty-five tonight.

– Mat Latos HR. (The first HR by a Padres pitcher at Petco, ever.)
— Eric Patterson HR.
— Cole Hamels triple.

– Mike Fontenot batted third for the Giants against the Mets.
— At one point, they IBBed him.
— To get to Buster Posey.
—- It worked.
—– The Giants still won.

– The Tigers, who have lost seven in a row, were throwing Brad Penny against the Yankees, who had CC Sabathia on the mound. Of course, the Tigers won.

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