Daily Roundup, 04/22/11

– Holy rain delays. Then again, it is April.

– The Astros have 14 hits, and 7 runs… and they’re losing.
— Carlos Gomez hit a home run against them.
— So did Yovani Gallardo. Who can hit for a pitcher but who is still a pitcher.

– Four players came into the Royals/Rangers game with hitting streaks lasting at least 11 games. They all kept them.
— Those players? Alex Gordon, Wilson Betemit, Jeff Francoeur, and Michael Young. Um.
— Both the top and bottom of the first inning in this game started with errors. Well, you can tell it was a crisp game by its 11-6 final score. Wait what.
—- The Rangers homered in five straight innings. This after having four home runs combined in their past nine games.

– Anibal Sanchez had a no-hitter through eight innings.
— Remember, this would’ve been his second career no-hitter.
— The final score was 4-1, and yes he gave up the run before he’d given up any hits.

– The Mets have won two in a row!
— Mike Pelfrey had a very good start while literally throwing up in his mouth. You all needed to know that.

– On Tuesday, John McDonald tied the game up for the Blue Jays against Mariano Rivera with a squeeze bunt. Today, he hit a walk-off home run against the Rays.
— Jose Bautista was a single away from the cycle.

– Someone on Seattle just walked with the bases loaded.
— Oakland’s starter Tyson Ross walked four and struck out no one. Confused.

– Jonny Gomes stole a base
— off Yadier Molina to boot.

– The Red Sox won, which I think is no longer unpredictable, but this happened to Jarrod Saltalamacchia in their game.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 04/22/11

  1. Chad says:

    “Holy rain delays” does not begin to describe it. Consider:
    – Edinson Volquez was listed as the Reds’ starter, but was removed following a lengthy rain delay in the top of the first. He is therefore credited with a game played, but not with a game pitched.
    –Miguel Batista, the Cardinals’ starter, faced one batter before the rain delay, issuing a walk. This means that neither “starter” recorded an out–or would, if Volquez was credited with a start, which he wasn’t.
    —Amazingly, a game in which neither starter recorded an out would not have been unprecedented–it happened in 1989.

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