Daily Roundup, 04/21/11

– Baseball Reference has their WAR up for the season so far. This allows us to play Fun With Incredibly Small Sample Sizes.
— Your AL leaders in position player WAR are Jeff Francoeur and Maicer Izturis. Howie Kendrick is in second place. Ryan Roberts is third in the NL.
— Carl Crawford, Aubrey Huff, and James Loney are tied for the least valuable position players in all of baseball. It’s notable, though not all that unpredictable, that Huff has somehow already accumulated -1.0 dWAR (dWAR being defensive WAR, which is combined with offensive WAR to give the WAR total on BB-Ref. Oh, and it’s very rare to see a player with something like +3 dWAR or -3 dWAR for AN ENTIRE SEASON. So, this bad this early, yeah.). The least valuable players period are Jake Westbrook and Matt Thornton. Ryan Franklin is jealous.

– We’re gonna talk about the Mets again. Before tonight, their 1-8 home record was the worst in franchise history to begin the season. Yes, worse than the 1962 Mets.
— Hey, they actually won tonight.
— David Wright broke an 0-for-20 skid with a home run.
—- Jason Bay, in his first game back from the DL, had an inside-the-park home run that was actually a four-base error.

– Hey, the Rays lost and the White Sox won.
— Gavin Floyd picked someone off a base. That’s the first time he’s done that since 2006, and just the second time in his career.
— It might change before long, but you should really look at Sam Fuld’s Wikipedia page.
—- Sadly I cannot find video of it, but this game began with Juan Pierre attempting to bunt for a base hit, only to have Tampa’s starter Jeff Niemann throw it over the first baseman’s head, and Pierre ended up on third.

– Braves/Dodgers.
— With the Dodgers leading 2-1 going into the top of the ninth, Clayton Kershaw stayed in, going for the complete game. With two outs and no one on, he loaded the bases, but got it to an 0-2 count on David Ross. However, Ross singled to score the tying and go-ahead runs, meaning it was 3-2 Braves headed into the bottom of the ninth.
— With the tying run on second base and two outs, Atlanta’s closer Craig Kimbrel also had an 0-2 count on the batter, Casey Blake… but he also got the hit to tie the game.
—- The game stayed tied until the bottom of the twelfth, where Blake grounded out but Ethier doubled. Atlanta’s pitcher got Matt Kemp to an 0-2 count… and he homered, ending the game.
—– It’s a very small sample size, obviously, but Kemp is slugging .568 with two strikes on him this season.

– The Phillies hit two home runs in one inning at Petco.
— They were off the bats of Ben Francisco and Brian Schneider.
— h/t @coreyseidman, Schneider is hitting .182/.182/.727. Wow. That’s wackier than Jorge Posada.
— I’m watching this game right now, and Mat Latos pitched 4.1 innings and had over 100 pitches.
—- The Padres currently have more errors than hits.

– I must praise the awesomeness of the series between your AL Central leaders, the Royals and Indians (yeah, I don’t know either). Every game has been close and exciting.
— Tonight, the Royals won on a Melky Cabrera walk-off single. He also had a triple.

– Kyle Lohse threw a complete game shutout and gave up only two hits. His ERA is 2.01, he’s got the advanced statistics that back his very good pitching up, and a WHIP of 0.73.
— I’m scared too.
— He doesn’t even lead the Cardinals in ERA.
—- The Cardinals as a team are hitting .296/.361/.451. They’ve scored 104 runs, the second most in all of baseball.
—– Aaaand they’re still just 10-9.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 04/21/11

  1. Chad says:

    Good read, the Sam Fuld Wikipedia page. (I made a minor edit, just to get rid of a spelling error.) A couple more stats from the Mets-Astros game, courtesy of ESPN:

    – Chris Capuano went 1-for-2, bringing his 2011 batting average to .400 (2-for-5). He had only one hit from 2008-2010.
    — J. A. Happ went 2-for-2, bringing him to 4-for-7 on the year. The four hits equal his career total entering the season.

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