Daily Roundup, 04/19/11

– The Brewers/Phillies game featured Roy Halladay and a two-hitter. Roy Halladay didn’t throw that two-hitter.
— The Phillies lost, 9-0.
— They had no hits after one out in the third inning, and one of their hits was a bunt.
—- Erick Almonte came up as a pinch-hitter in the seventh and got two at-bats.
—– Craig Counsell played the OF from the eighth inning on.

– The Mariners lead the AL in walks (by batters).
— They’re facing Phil Coke of the Tigers tonight. He had six walks in sixteen innings before tonight, and he had four walks in the first inning alone tonight.
— The Tigers have walked eight total Mariners tonight as I write this.

– Mariano Rivera blew a save, and walked someone. O_O I blame the NYT article going on about how awesome he was.
— the tying run scored on a suicide squeeze
— In this game, Jose Molina walked, and Corey Patterson and Jayson Nix walked twice.
—- Aaron Hill matched his career high in stolen bases. It’s April 19.
—– Jose Molina batted sixth and the Blue Jays still won.

– The White Sox/Rays game took TWO HOURS AND TWELVE MINUTES!!! to finish.
— The Rays haven’t started a pitcher over thirty since 2006.
— Casey Kotchman had two infield singles.

– The Angels started Matt Palmer as a stop-gap against the Rangers, who’ve been kind of good at scoring. The Rangers started the very solid Colby Lewis. The Angels won 12-4.
— Brandon Wood: DFAd. Not shocking, but damn. There Is No Such Thing As A Positional Player Prospect?

– Bruce Chen is 3-0.
— Tonight stopped his streak of innings without an earned run, but it lasted over twenty innings.

– The Twins are slugging .315 as a team.

– Josh Johnson was facing the Pirates today, and had more RBIs than they did. Maybe not that unpredictable, but Josh Johnson is awesome.

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