Daily Roundup, 04/17/11

– the Mets, Mariners, Twins, and Red Sox all won today.
— who thought we’d be saying this about the Twins and Red Sox?
— the Twins won without Morneau, Mauer, OR Denard Span (one of the very few people on that team who’s actually hitting).

– The Yankees are the only AL East team with a WP% over .500. h/t @yankeejosh. ETA: And actually, the AL East is the only division without multiple teams over .500, h/t @mikeaxisa.
— The best record in the AL? The Indians.

– Jacoby Ellsbury leads the Red Sox in home runs.
— Carl Crawford got his last hit on April 11. Today is April 17.

– Speaking of home runs, Grady Sizemore came back after being away for-evah and hit a home run.

– the Brewers got swept in a three-game series by the Nationals, including a doubleheader. They’d won seven of eight before this series.
— Jason Marquis beat Yovani Gallardo.
— the Brewers had twenty hits in this doubleheader – but eighteen were singles.
—- Pudge Rodriguez home run. The Nats had four home runs today, from Hairston, Pudge, Espinoza, and Desmond. Well, then.
—– At one point in this game, a balk was called, then un-called.

– the Yankees have 27 home runs through 14 games, the most homers they’ve ever hit through 14 games. Their regular SS (Derek Jeter), LF (Brett Gardner), and RF (Nick Swisher) have no home runs. On the other hand, six Yankees have four or more home runs; fifteen teams don’t have anyone that’s done that.
— Tonight, CC Sabathia pitched against the Rangers. Adrian Beltre was just 3-for-22 in his career against Sabathia. Tonight, he was 3-for-3 with a home run and a double.
— At one point, Arthur Rhodes, he of the many career woes against the Yankees, came in with two on and one out and was able to get the outs. (Of course, he later gave up the eventual winning run, but we were shocked at the time.)
—- The Yankees are 9-5. CC Sabathia has a 2.52 ERA. He is winless.
—– Prior to tonight, Alexi Ogando had started two games this year. He’d gone six innings in one start, seven in another, and given up only two hits in each and no runs. (By the way, he’s the first pitcher outside of the deadball era to go 6+ innings in his first two starts and give up two or fewer hits.) Tonight, he gave up 5 ER over 6.1 innings.
—— He gave up more home runs to the Yankees tonight than he has in his major league career.
——- h/t @mikeaxisa, in this weekend’s Rangers/Yankees series, the Yankees sent 108 men to the plate and NINE struck out.
——– Mariano Rivera’s career WHIP is under one. This includes 1995 when he was a (pretty bad) starter. I know it’s Mariano Rivera, but SERIOUSLY!

– Jim Thome got an infield single.
— Matt Tolbert and his .247/.305/.346 line in his career lead off for the Twins against the Rays.
— And tripled.
—- Johnny Damon has an eight-game hitting streak and two game-winning hits, but is batting .232 with a .651 OPS.

– Vernon Wells triple!
— The Angels are 10-5. Who saw that coming?

– the Cards’ Ryan Franklin blew another save today, allowing a walk-off two-run home run to Matt Kemp.
— He’s blown four of his five save opportunities to start this year.
— You think of him as kind of a sucky reliever, but he’d only blown 4 of his last 47 save opportunities before this year.
—- With four blown saves in his team’s first sixteen games, Franklin matched two relief pitchers for the most ever blown saves this early: Mike Marshall of the 1973 Montreal Expos and… Matt Thornton this year. Oops. (h/t @keithlaw)
—– The Cardinals are 3-0 when Kyle McClellan starts, and 0-4 when Chris Carpenter does.

– the Pirates led off their game with back-to-back home runs for the first time since 1982. Whoah.
— They also didn’t blow a lead. To the Reds. Double whoah.
— Actually maybe that’s not that surprising, considering Cincinnati’s starter Edinson Volquez has an ERA of 29.25 in the first inning, and 1.29 after.
—- This is the second time he’s allowed back-to-back home runs to begin a game this year!

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