Daily Roundup, 04/15/11

Sadly, tonight was a lot less crazy than some other nights have been of late. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining.

– The Yankees hit into six double plays tonight. That’s tied for an AL record. WHAT KIND OF A TRIBUTE TO MARIANO RIVERA IS THIS?!?!!
— They’d only hit into nine double plays in their first eleven games.
— The Rangers had played twelve games, and only turned six double plays.
—- Six different Yankees hit into double plays – Teixeira, Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Andruw Jones, and Nick Swisher.
—– At one point, the Yankees had five double plays hit into and five hits.
—— The Yankees’ previous GIDP record was five, from a September 1998 game – which they actually won. Yeah, the 1998 Yankees were okay.
——- SP Matt Harrison had all six DPs. In the live ball era, only two other pitchers did that – and one was as recently as 2009 (Mark Buehrle, in case you were wondering).
——– Curtis Granderson has three home runs and they’re all off lefties.
——— The Yankees’ Lance Pendleton made his MLB debut – wearing #42.
———- He pitched three perfect innings. He’s only the third Yankee in the past ninety years to throw 3+ innings of no-hit baseball in his debut, and the first ever to have no baserunners at all.

– Hey, Pujols has homered two nights in a row! (Update as I am publishing this: And he just homered again. Three home runs in two nights. It’s almost like he’s gonna actually hit this year. Shocking, I know.)
— And Lance Berkman has homered twice in this game!
— Jon Garland (the Dodgers’ starter who is facing the Cardinals) had his first career balk in this game. He was the active leader in innings without a balk, with 2030.2. The new active leader is Randy Wolf, with 1914.2 innings. h/t @ktsharp.

– The Mariners scored their first first-inning run tonight.
— And still lost.
— Despite Joakim Soria making it kinda crazy in the ninth in a 6-2 game.
—- Might I remind you: AGAINST THE MARINERS.

– The Padres’ Chris Denorfia hit his first home run since August 2010.
— It’s the Padres’ first HR, period, since April 10.

– Charlie Morton of the Pirates threw 8.2 innings of one-run ball against the Reds.
— He had a 3/10 K/BB ratio before this game. Yes, you are reading that right.

– The Rockies are 11-2, the majors’ best record, but only 1-2 on Friday.
— Heck – the Rockies haven’t even lost in nine innings yet. 11-0 in nine-inning games, 0-2 in extra innings.
— Their pitcher Jhoulys Chacin threw a complete game shutout tonight. At Coors! It’s the first complete game shutout at Coors since Aaron Cook did it on July 1, 2008.

– West Coast update: the final score of Tigers/Athletics was 8-4. It was 1-1 after nine innings.
— The Tigers scored all eight of their runs in the last two innings.

– The Red Sox are 2-10. They could win the next two games of their series with the Blue Jays and they’d still have the worst record in baseball.
— Red Sox outfielders have combined for 37 total bases. That’s fewer total bases than Colby Rasmus or Troy Tulowitzki.

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5 Responses to Daily Roundup, 04/15/11

  1. Chad says:

    Yeah, that A’s-Tigers game made it a very YCPB night. How often do you take a 1-0 lead into the 9th inning and end up losing 8-4 in 10? Nice stats about the Rockies, and the idea of a player making his debut wearing the number 42 after the number had been retired across baseball is pretty hilarious.

    By the way, you want a good YCPB stat line? How about .500/.542/.747? That’s Jed Lowrie’s AVG/OBP/SLG after going 3-for-5 with a home run today. The Red Sox still insist that he’s the backup.

    (Okay, okay, the reason they want Lowrie to remain the utility infielder is precisely because Scutaro is more expendable–Jose Iglesias is expected to be the shortstop of the future, and Scutaro’s contract was given out under the assumption that he was just a placeholder until Iglesias was ready. Kind of like when they got Coco Crisp to try to bridge the gap between Damon and Ellsbury, except that ended up kind of messed up because Ellsbury got to the majors while Crisp was still under contract and outperformed him. But it doesn’t change the fact that Lowrie has twice as many total bases in 22 at-bats as Scutaro has in 32.)

    • Chad says:

      (Total base count:
      Lowrie: 8 singles + 2 doubles + 0 triples + 1 home run = 16
      Scutaro: 4 singles + 2 doubles + 0 triples + 0 home runs = 8)

      • Chad says:

        Damnit, should have disabled smilies. That was supposed to be an 8, but the close parenthesis messed everything up.

  2. Chad says:

    Another note on the Red Sox: The comment that they would still have the worst record in baseball if they won their next two games is not necessarily true, although it is naturally a possibility. They’ve already won the first of those games, and if they win again tomorrow, they’ll be 4-10. The Twins would be 4-11 if they lost tomorrow, while the Mets and Astros could both fall to 4-12 if they lose both their current games (Mets trailing 2-0 after four; Astros tied 3-3 after six) and tomorrow’s games.

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