Daily Roundup, 04/14/11

– Every team in baseball has at least twice as many wins as the Red Sox.

– The Astros beat the Padres 1-0.
— Dustin Moseley has a 1.83 ERA and is 0-3.
— Tonight he was outdueled by Bud Norris.
—- This game was over three hours, by the way.
—– By comparison, Orioles/Yankees was tied in the ninth 5-5 each at under three hours.
—— At one point in this game, Dustin Moseley walked the relief pitcher Mark Melancon. Who was batting for himself.

– Mets/Rockies…
— The Rockies swept this four-game series. Prior to it, they’d lost 23 of 27 in Shea Stadium and Citi Field. It was the Rockies’ first sweep in New York since 1994.
— The Mets had a two-run lead in every game. They also had a two-run lead in the game before this series, but lost too.
—- The Rockies have a five-game road winning streak. They didn’t win more than three games straight on the road at any point last year.
—– Carlos Gonzalez has more home runs on the road than at home.
—— Greg Reynolds won the first game of this doubleheader, then was optioned to Triple-A.

– Tulo gets his own damn section here.
— He is the first player ever to homer in all games of a four-game series against the Mets.
— He has 21 HR in his last 39 games. No one else has more than 14.
—- Actually, over his last 40 games including today, he’s hitting .316/.402/.826. That good?
—– He hit a home run in every game of this series, four straight games at Citi Field. No Met has ever hit a home run in three straight games at Citi Field. The Mets also have five home runs, total, at Citi Field this year.

– The Yankees rallied from a five-run deficit to beat the Orioles.
— Phil Hughes gave up five runs in 4.1 innings and his ERA went down 😦
— After a 3-for-3 night with two doubles and a walk, A-Rod is hitting .412/.512/.882/1.394. (He has already passed over a quarter of last year’s WAR total.) He does not lead the team in homers.
—- That’s Jorge Posada. Seven hits, five home runs.
—– the Yankees won this game on a walk-off sac fly. They haven’t had a walk-off sac fly since 2004. OMG THEY’RE NOT PLAYING GOOD FUNDAMENTALS

– The Twins were beating the Rays 2-0 in the bottom of the ninth. Joe Nathan blew the save. The Twins scored (off Kyle Farnsworth, so sometimes you can predict baseball) in the top of the tenth, but with a runner on base, Johnny Damon homered in the bottom of the tenth off Matt Capps to give Tampa the win.
— Johnny Damon is now the first player to have a walk-off home run for five different teams.
— Sam Fuld was NOT involved in the scoring in the bottom of the ninth. (But he was on base for the tenth.)

– Cliff Lee pitched against Jordan Zimmerman in the Phillies/Nationals game. One of these men had a perfect game through five – and it wasn’t Lee.
— Of course, Lee ended up with the complete game shutout. With twelve strikeouts. And under 100 pitches. Guy is good.
— It was the first back-to-back complete games for the Phillies since 1999.
—- Cliff Lee faced thirty batters and never went to a 2-0 count.

– Currently in Detroit/Oakland, Detroit has walked TEN TIMES and has just one run.

– the Braves took 7.1 innings to get a hit last night. Tonight, they had a four-run lead four batters in.
— They lost.

– Adam Kennedy batted cleanup for the Mariners today. You’ll be shocked to know they didn’t win.

– Randy Wolf struck out ten. It was against the Pirates, but… Randy Wolf!

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 04/14/11

  1. Chad says:

    Sorry, but no. The Braves did not have a 4-run lead just four batters into the game. They did, however, have a 4-3 lead just four batters into the bottom of the first.

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