Daily Roundup, 04/13/11

– for the second day in a row, the Tigers walked off against the Rangers in a tie game, and Neftali Feliz stayed in the bullpen the whole time.
— Dave Bush threw three scoreless innings in a spot-start in this game. Though it did take him 71 pitches.

– Athletics/White Sox.
— The White Sox entered the top of the ninth winning 4-1. This is what happened:
— Chris Sale came in. He allowed a double to Jackson and a single to Willingham, which scored Jackson. Matsui then singled to move Jackson to second base, and Jesse Crain relieved Sale. Daric Barton walked to load the bases with nobody out, but Kurt Suzuki struck out swinging. Matt Thornton came in and struck out Sweeney, but Cliff Pennington singled up the middle to tie the game.
—- the White Sox failed to score in the bottom of the ninth, and Thornton remained in. After getting Ellis to ground out, Jackson and Willingham walked. Coco Crisp (who had run for Matsui earlier) hit the tie-breaking single, and later in the inning both Willingham and Crisp would score.
—– This means the As – the As!!! – scored six runs in 1.1 innings.
—— the White Sox have played 12 games this year, and five of them have gone to extra innings, including all three games in this series.
——- It’s the first time every game in a series the Athletics has played has gone extras since 1988.

– Kevin Correia had a no-hitter into the sixth against the Brewers tonight (and lost).

– The Royals beat the Twins 10-5.
— They’ve scored nine or more runs in four games this year.
— They scored more runs in the top of the fourth inning than the Twins have scored in any game this year.
—- Kinda fitting that the Twins’ starter, Francisco Liriano, was totally blooped to death in that inning after the Twins told him to try and pitch to contact.

– AJ Burnett has more wins than the Red Sox and as many as the Rays.
— Same with Dan Haren and Jered Weaver.
— AJ Burnett’s 1-2-3 third inning today against the Orioles was the first 1-2-3 inning for a Yankee starter since last Thursday.
—- Mark Reynolds leads the Orioles in batting average.
—– Jorge Posada has six hits this year, and four of them are home runs. That’s some ISoP. (Also, he’s batting .182 with an OBP of .229, and OPSing .774. Impressive. And yay fun with small sample size.)
—— Robinson Cano has a career .800 OBP against Orioles starter Chris Tillman in ten at-bats – and he actually made an out against him today, too.
——- the night Barry Bonds got convicted in court, Derek Jeter tied him on the all-time hits list – with a dinky little infield single. Obviously, a very Bonds hit.
——– Speaking of Bonds and the Yankees, this is A-Rod’s line after tonight’s game: .355/.474/.806/1.280. Even for A-Rod, obviously that is insane and probably unsustainable. And may I remind you that from 2001 through 2004, Bonds hit .349/.559/.809/1.368?

– Florida’s Logan Morrison hit his third home run so far this year. Last year, in 287 PA, he had only two.
— Josh Johnson also had a no-hitter into the seventh, but he is awesome and this might not be so unpredictable.

– Roy Halladay faced the Nationals today. He walked Ian Desmond (career .304 OBP) and Rick Ankiel (career .312 OBP) back-to-back.
— The Nationals scored off Halladay, too. If you don’t remember, Opening Day last year for the Phillies was against the Nationals, and the Nats scored in the first inning. They haven’t scored against him in any game since then – a span of 30 innings.

– Ian Kennedy had a great start against the Reds in his last game. Tonight: 3 IP, 9 ER, against the Cardinals.
— Maybe more predictable but no less O_O-worthy: Aaron Heilman, 1.2 IP, 6 ER.
— This game’s final score was 15-5. No one scored after the fifth inning.
—- Jake Westbrook has as many doubles as Albert Pujols.
—– Lance Berkman hit a home run. He has four in the last three games. He had one home run in 37 games for the Yankees last year.
—— Gerald Laird had an infield single and a double and was 3-for-3 at one point.

– h/t @jameskann, here are the OPSes for some Mets regulars: Jose Reyes .821, David Wright .872, Carlos Beltran .901, Ike Davis .941. The Mets are 4-7 and having closed-door meetings.

– hey, the Padres actually scored with the score tied and the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. Good job.

– Speaking of scores tied in walk-off situations, tonight the Indians and Angels were tied in extras. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the twelfth, the Indians… pitched out.
— Jeff Mathis had the walk-off.

– Giants/Dodgers.
— Aaron Miles, he of the career 2596 PA over nine seasons with a line of .280/.320/.352/.672, 73 OPS+, is 3-for-3 with an RBI triple.
— Mike Fontenot hit a HR.
—- off a lefty, in AT&T Park
—– It was his second HR off a lefty ever. The first was off a 44-year-old David Wells in 2007. His last home run, period, was May 7, 2010.
—— h/t @trueblueLA, James Loney hit nine home runs in September 2007. Since then, he hasn’t hit nine home runs in any THREE-month stretch.

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