Daily Roundup, 04/12/11

May be updated with any West Coast craziness.

– the White Sox’s Alex Rios dropped an easily-catchable fly ball against Oakland. This the day after Juan Pierre dropped a fly ball in the ninth inning yesterday, leading to a blown save.
— Obviously Adam Dunn infected them all with DHitis.
— Andy LaRoche is playing shortstop for Oakland.
—- Both Trevor Cahill and Edwin Jackson have been excellent so far this year. Today they both didn’t make it out of the fifth, with four and three runs allowed, respectively.
—– the White Sox, Tigers, and Twins all walked off today.

– In the Tigers/Rangers game, Detroit reliever Brayan Villarreal threw a third of an inning without throwing a pitch.
— hey, Brad Penny actually had an okay start.
— sadly, Josh Hamilton getting hurt isn’t all that unpredictable – but him getting hurt because he was trying to score on a foul pop-fly off third base off third base probably is.

– with the Astros and Rays winning tonight, the Red Sox currently have the worst record in baseball.
— Tonight, at Fenway Park, Kyle Farnsworth completed a 1-2-3 ninth inning save with a one-run lead.
— Darnell McDonald has more home runs at Fenway than Adrian Gonzalez, and more home runs than Kevin Youkilis or Carl Crawford period.
—- Jacoby Ellsbury has as many home runs as all those guys combined.
—– the Red Sox don’t have a win against anyone but the Yankees. I’m sure one of their fans out there is happy.
—— the Legend of Sam Fuld continues. Tonight he knocked in the Rays’ first run with an infield single/fielder’s choice.
——- this Rays/Red Sox game was the first since 1919 when two teams with a 2-8 record or worse through the first ten games played each other.

– The game isn’t over, but tonight’s matchup in Arizona was Armando Galarraga against Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals. Galarraga was his usual pretty meh self – 5 IP and 5 ER, including three home runs – but he’s in line to win, because Chris Carpenter was far worse, giving up eight runs in four innings.
— Lance Berkman and David Freese went back-to-back in this game.

– Pablo Sandoval triple O_O

– Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera are tied for the RBI lead on the Royals.

– Ryan Langerhans has three home runs for Seattle.

– Livan Hernandez struck out Placido Polanco.
— with the Nationals and Phillies playing for the first time this year, Jayson Werth doubled and homered against his former team. Maybe not so unpredictable.

– the Astros had 16 hits and 11 runs.

– h/t @sammillerocr, the Angels are 6-5. Jered Weaver and Dan Haren are 6-0 with a combined ERA under 1.
— one of Haren’s wins was in relief.

– West Coast Edit Time: the Reds just scored six runs in the top of the eleventh inning against the Padres, after starting with two outs and nobody on.
— This after the Padres left the bases loaded in both the bottom of the ninth and the bottom of the tenth. Oops.

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