Daily Roundup, 04/11/11

Some West Coast games still ongoing. Updates may follow. (ETA: Uh, updates happened. Thanks, Mariners!)

The Rays/Red Sox game. Where to begin?
-Coming into the game, the Rays had scored 20 runs on 47 hits in their first nine games.
–Tonight they scored 16 runs on 20 hits.
—Sam Fuld had four of those, including a home run and a triple.
—-Fuld had had one Major League home run and one Major League triple prior to tonight.
—–He homered in the second, doubled in the fourth, and tripled in the sixth. He came up in the ninth needing just a single to complete the cycle in what was a 16-4 game at the time, and he…doubled again. Sure, two doubles, a triple, and a home run is a better day than the statistical quirk that is the cycle, but there is a very real possibility that tonight is the highlight of Sam Fuld’s Major League career. A cycle is much more memorable. Just my two cents.
——Also here, Adrian Gonzalez tripled. That’s his first triple since 2009 and just the ninth of his career.
——-David Ortiz also tripled.
——–Ortiz has at least one triple in every season since 2000. That’s the longest currently active streak.
———Caveat on that: if Johnny Damon triples this year, he will regain that title, as he has tripled in every season going back to 1995, but has yet to do so this year. Ditto Luis Castillo, who has tripled in every season since 1998 (edit: ditto Pudge Rodriguez, whose streak goes all the way back to 1992). Carl Crawford? Debuted in 2002. Jeter? Didn’t triple in 2002. Juan Pierre? He has a nice active streak that only goes back to 2001. Yea. It’s Ortiz.
———-In a game where Adrian and Ortiz both tripled, Jacoby Ellsbury and Sam Fuld homered.

Mark Buehrle carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning until Kurt Suzuki broke it up.
-Brent Lillibridge homered off Braden for Chicago’s only run.
–Brent Lillibridge has a career slugging under .300.
—The tying run scored in the ninth on a fielding error by Juan Pierre.
—-Suzuki wound up hitting a game-winning home run in the 10th.

Justin Verlander pitched a complete game, giving up just two runs.
-Texas beat Detroit 2-0.
–It was Verlander’s first ever 9-inning complete game loss.
—How about Alexi Ogando? The converted reliever has given up just four hits in 13 shutout innings so far.

The Houston bullpen pitched five shutout innings.
-Of course, they lost the game anyway.

Mitch Talbot tossed eight innings of four-hit shutout ball.
-The Indians have now won eight straight.

6 innings, 11 hits, 7 runs, 7 earned runs, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts
-That line belongs to Felix Hernandez.
–He will not get the win tonight, but it would be hilarious if he had a clearly inferior year to last year and came away with more wins.
– So after Felix gave up 7 ER in 6 innings and Toronto had a 7-0 lead, Toronto’s bullpen imploded in the seventh and the eighth.
— Three bases-loaded walks in the eighth inning contributed to making the game 7-6.
— In the ninth, with two outs and runners on second and third, someone named Luis Rodriguez – owner of 994 major league PA over six seasons, with a line of .242/.315/.322 and a 74 OPS+, and who hadn’t played in the major leagues in 2010 at all – had a nine-pitch at-bat and hit a walk-off double to score both of them.
—- So the Mariners both rallied from down 7-0 in the seventh, and scored eight runs. Which is more impressive?
—– AND, after Felix got kinda screwed many, many times last year by his team’s inability to score runs, they saved him from an ugly loss here. Go figure.
—— Luis Rodriguez was only in the game because Chone Figgins got hit in the hand with a ball and had to leave the game in the fourth inning.
——- Miguel Olivo personally left ten men on base in this game, including a double play with two on and one out to end the eighth. Maaaaybe not so unpredictable.

– Instead of just copying everything from this article over on ESPN about the Blue Jays/Mariners game, we’ll link you to it. Interesting stuff about both the game itself, and home/away teams last night.
— to summarize, every away team won last night except the Mariners, and they needed an eight-run rally to do it.

Jason Isringhausen made an appearance for the Mets. You may remember he was part of their “Generation K,” those three pitching prospects (along with Pulsipher and Wilson) that never really worked out. His last appearance for the Mets was 1999.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup, 04/11/11

  1. afish3 says:

    I tweeted this to you a little earlier, but Ivan Rodriguez with a triple this year would extend his streak to 21 years: http://twitter.com/#!/mullethead326/status/57626793783468032

  2. Chad says:

    Yeah, wow, that just…that’s awesome. 16 career triples, yet he has at least one triple in twelve straight seasons.

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