Daily Roundup, 04/09/11. Seventeen Games, Bonus Frames

With the much-delayed suspended LA-SD game from last night and a Texas-Baltimore doubleheader, we had 17 games in action tonight, and enough crazy to last a week.

The Twins lost 1-0.
-The only run of the game scored on a bad throw from Alexi Casilla that Morneau couldn’t scoop.

The White Sox loaded the bases in the fourth inning on a double and a pair of walks.
-With two outs, Brent Morel hit a broken bat infield popup that landed in no-man’s land behind the mound.
–That brought up Juan Pierre, who hit a ball as hard and far as Juan Pierre is capable of hitting a ball.
—Then this happened. Something tells me we will be seeing this play again on pretty much every highlight show this season.
—-Also in this game, Phil Humber went six innings and gave up one run.
—–That’s the first career quality start for Humber. The former third overall draft pick had a 5.40 career ERA prior to today.

Speaking of first career quality starts, congrats to Phil Coke on his.
-But Kansas City won the game as Coke was outdueled.
–By Bruce Chen. Seriously, Bruce Chen.
—Then again, Chen’s last loss was 8/23 of last year. Again, seriously–Bruce Chen.
—-Victor Martinez threw out a runner.
—–Then again, it was Billy Butler. Does that even count?
——Joakim Soria gave up a home run.

Roy Oswalt gave up two runs (one earned) over six innings to pick up the win as Philadelphia crushed Atlanta 10-2.
-That’s the 152nd win of Oswalt’s career. He has been very good for a long time.
–That’s his first career win against the Braves.
—He has now logged wins against every team in the National League.
—-That’s right, he beat Houston (in what is to date his only start against them) before he beat Atlanta.
—–Also here, Carlos Ruiz recorded a career-high five RBIs.
——Ruiz didn’t even start the game. He pinch hit for Oswalt in the 7th.
——-Brian Schneider also homered, meaning both guys to catch this game for the Phillies hit home runs.

Clay Buchholz gave up nine home runs in 173.2 innings last year.
-He has now given up five in just ten innings pitched.
–For just the second time in his career, Russell Martin had a multi-homer game.
—The Yankees scored nine runs despite their 1-2-3 hitters going 1-14 with a walk.
—-The Red Sox went 1-17 with RISP.

4:19 of game time, 3:36 of delays, a suspension, 15 pitchers, and 39 total players later, the Dodgers beat the Padres 4-2.
-Jonathan Broxton didn’t blow it.

In the second LA-SD game, James Loney was intentionally walked twice. James Loney.
-He wasn’t even batting in front of the pitcher.
–Hiroki Kuroda was yanked after 8.2 innings, in favor of Broxton.
—Broxton allowed the tying run to reach the plate, but once again, did not blow it.

Francisco Rodriguez got his first ever plate appearance.
-He very predictably struck out.
–He had the bases loaded when he was at-bat. Guess he’s no Mariano Rivera.

Chris Narveson went seven innings of six-hit shutout ball with nine strikeouts.
-In the 8th, Jeff Samardzija walked four batters, forcing in a run.
–Three of those four were Mark Kotsay, Wil Nieves, and Nyjer Morgan. Not exactly offensive powerhouses.
—Kotsay was replaced by Carlos Gomez, who stole two bases in the inning. He really didn’t need to.
—-19 of the 38 runs the Brewers have given up this year have come in Randy Wolf starts (h/t @jh_moore).

Javier Vazquez gave up four runs in six innings and picked up a win, lowering his ERA nearly seven full runs in the process.

Charlie Morton has walked 10 batters in 13 innings pitched this year.
-He has only given up three earned runs, a 2.08 ERA.

Colby Rasmus giveth and Colby Rasmus taketh away.
-He homered off Matt Cain to give the Cardinals a 2-1 lead in the 7th.
–Then he dropped a deep fly ball from Miguel Tejada that gave the Giants the game. It was a very long run to get there, but he got to it. And dropped it.

5-5 game, 2nd and 3rd no out in the bottom of the 11th, Alberto Callaspo on deck, Vernon Wells at the plate.
-They pitched to Wells with first base wide open.
–Wells struck out.
—Callaspo was then intentionally walked, and Hank Conger, pinch hitting for Mike Trumbo, grounded out.
—-Yeah, catcher Hank Conger pinch hit for Trumbo and not the guy up after Trumbo…offensively-challenged catcher Jeff Mathis.
—–Mathis struck out. This is only slightly more unpredictable than K-rod fanning.
——Earlier in the game, Hisanori Takahashi was brought on to intentionally walk the first batter he faced. Couldn’t the previous pitcher do that?
——-Geez, this keeps getting crazier and crazier. We have now had a runner’s interference call, the Angels blowing a “winning run on third, no outs” situation again, this time in the 13th with a 7-6-3 double play (how often do you see those?) followed by the “fake to third, fake to first” actually working, leading to making the third out of the inning at home plate. We have seen Brandon Wood playing first base, the Blue Jays going 3-23 with RISP and leaving 18 men on base, and Dan Haren pitching out of the bullpen for the first time since 2004.
——-Haren gets the win in relief as it finally ends. This one is an early contender for YCPB Game of the Year.

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