Daily Roundup, 04/07/11

The Red Sox are 0-6.
-This time, it wasn’t the starter’s fault. Jon Lester was terrific. That’s not unpredictable.
–Fausto Carmona, who recorded fewer outs (9) than runs (10) in his first start, went seven strong, allowing only two hits.
—The only run of the game scored on a squeeze play.
—-This happened.

The Rays are 0-6.
-The have not had a lead since Game 4 of last year’s ALDS against Texas.
–They have scored just eight runs in six games.
—Through six games, the abominably bad 2010 Seattle offense had scored 19 runs.
—-Edwin Jackson, who no-hit his former team last year, went eight innings and gave up one run while striking out 13.

Having finally won today, the Astros are not 0-6.
-Carlos Lee tripled.
–For the second time this year.
—Last time he had more than one triple in a season? 2002. His career high is three.
—-Staked to a one run lead in the ninth, Brandon Lyon did not blow it.

Mariano Rivera recorded his fourth save of the year.
-He has thrown 36 pitches combined in those four saves.

Wilson Valdez went 4-4 with a pair of doubles and is hitting .429. Chase who?

Jim Leyland has interesting ideas about the skill level of some members of his bullpen. I guess now is the time to experiment with that sort of thing?

Not much else going on tonight. There is nothing particularly surprising about a couple of pitcher’s duels or the Rockies beating up on the Pirates. See you tomorrow.

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