Daily Roundup, 04/05/11

– We all know the Twins really struggle in New York, but tonight the Yankees had a 4-0 lead in the eighth inning and the Twins ended up winning. This game made the YCPB crew very, very cranky.
— Andruw Jones got showered with onion rings. Hey, it was funny.
— Rafael Soriano had never walked three batters in any outing ever before. He walked three in a six-batter sequence today.
—- the Twins haven’t won a one-run game at Yankee Stadium in about ten years.
—– In this game, Mark Teixeira, a notorious slow starter, homered again. He has four home runs in five games.

– The Red Sox are 0-4 and batting .186 as a team.
— That is worse than Butler’s shooting against UConn in the NCAA Championship game.
— Your other two winless teams: the Astros and… the Rays.
—- Hey, at least the Rays scored more than one run tonight.

– on the other hand, your unbeaten teams: Texas and Baltimore.
— Baltimore’s allowed four runs in four games.
— Tomorrow, the Orioles are going for their fifth win. They had five wins all of last April.

– the Brewers won their first game on a CGSHO by Yovani Gallardo. He’s the first pitcher since 1995 to have the first SHO with two hits, two walks, and two strikeouts since 1995, thanks to friend of the blog Steve H. There have only been 27 such games in MLB history.
— only striking out two in nine innings is strange in itself for Gallardo, considering he has a career K/9 over 9.

– The Royals have won four in a row, all in their last at-bat.
— tonight, the walk-off belonged to Melky Cabrera.

– the Mets beat the Phillies 7-1 today. Cole Hamels gave up six runs in less than three innings; guess there are only three aces now. Chris Young, the Mets’ pitcher, got two hits in one inning.

– the Dodgers were shut out for only the third time in all the games they’ve ever played at Coors Field.
— h/t @MikeSciosciasTI: there are 102 players that have as many home runs as the entire Dodger team.

– Early season amusement: the Orioles, Royals, and Mets all lead their divisions.

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