Our YCPB Predictions.

What would YCPB be if we didn’t try to predict the things that we’ll be talking about this season? (DID YOUR HEAD JUST EXPLODE???) So, we present our crazy bold predictions from every team.

A note: We tried to be bold, but not insane. It’s a slippery slope. And some teams were difficult to make predictions for because they are boring… we’re looking at you, Oakland.

Angels: Vernon Wells will be the most productive centerfielder in the league
Astros: They’ll finish behind the Pirates.
Athletics: Hideki Matsui will play 50+ games in the outfield.
Blue Jays: No one on the team will hit 30 HR.
Braves: Neither Lowe or Hudson will be better than a 105 ERA+.
Brewers: Yovani Gallardo will outproduce Zack Greinke.
Cardinals: Chris Carpenter won’t be the team’s best/most valuable pitcher.
Cubs: Starlin Castro has more homers than errors.
Diamondbacks: Their bullpen won’t suck, and they’ll still lose 95+.
Dodgers: Matt Kemp finishes top ten in NL MVP voting.
Giants: At some point in the year, Brian Wilson shaves off his beard.
Indians: Carlos Santana will out-WAR Joe Mauer.
Mariners: Ichiro Suzuki is not their most valuable position player.
Marlins: Mike Stanton leads baseball in SLG.
Mets: R.A. Dickey has a sub-3.50 ERA again.
Nationals: Stephen Strasburg pitches this year.
Orioles: Mark Reynolds won’t set a new AL record for strikeouts (currently 197).
Padres: Cameron Maybin will have a good year (100 OPS+ or better, with very good defense).
Phillies: None of Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels wins 20 games.
Pirates: They’ll come closer to .500 then they have in a while.
Rangers: Josh Hamilton won’t lead the team in home runs.
Rays: Joel Peralta will be closer by the end of the year. He’ll be good.
Red Sox: Adrian Gonzalez’s OBP will be below .370.
Reds: Aroldis Chapman won’t hurt himself. (Update: That was quick. Chapman placed on the DL after walking 20 in 13 innings with a 6.92 ERA).
Rockies: Todd Helton has a 115 OPS+, proving he’s not finished.
Royals: They’ll have an All-Star not named Joakim Soria.
Tigers: Max Scherzer will be Detroit’s best starter.
Twins: Nishioka will bat higher than .310.
White Sox: Adam Dunn WILL set the new AL record for strikeouts – while hitting fifty home runs.
Yankees: Mark Prior will pitch in the Bronx.

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