Daily Roundup 9/29/10

–Ben Francisco hit two home runs today.
—His season total is now six.

–The Marlins had nine hits…all singles.

–The Brewers and Mets combined for 29 hits.
—Yovanni Gallardo: 3.1 innings, 10 hits, 7 runs.
—Jon Niese: 2.2 innings, 10 hits, 6 runs.

— Drew Butera saw seven pitches in four at bats.

–The Rays have been shut out twice in one three-game series by the Orioles, including once by Kevin Millwood.
—Tonight’s matchup was Kevin Millwood (3-16, 5.29 ERA) vs post-DL Jeff Niemann (1-4, 12.24 ERA). The final score was 2-0.

–Carlos Gonzalez, in a home game, went 0-5.
—In the same game, Jeff Weaver threw one pitch for one out and got a hold.

–David Ortiz attempted to bunt.

–Jeff Francouer hit a double. His second of the year.

–The Royals were 1-14 with RISP.

The end of the Rangers/Mariners game. Yeah, that’s a walk-off strikeout, people.

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