Daily Roundup, 09/26/10

Sorry for the very late post. We have no fingernails up in hurrrr after that BOS/NYY game.

– So…Yankees/Red Sox.
— Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched for the Red Sox. Matsuzaka has a 4.35 BB/9, second in all of baseball to only Scott Kazmir. He didn’t give out his first walk tonight until there were two outs in the eighth inning. He’s also not exactly known for his efficient pitching, but tonight, he threw 8 innings on a very manageable 110 pitches.
— The Yankees were trailing 1-0 in the 7th when Alex Rodriguez came up with a runner on base. In his career, with 25 PA against Matsuzaka, A-Rod is hitting only .105/.320/.105. Tonight? He homered to put the Yankees up 2-1. He now has 4 homers in his last 8 at-bats.
— Mariano Rivera blew the save and allowed four stolen bases in one inning. He also allowed the go-ahead run to score. It’s the first time the Sox had four stolen bases in one inning since 1973 and the first time a Yankee reliever allowed four stolen bases in one inning since 1969.
—- Jonathan Papelbon also blew the save in the bottom of the ninth inning with a bases-loaded single to Robinson Cano. It’s only the fourth hit in 38 bases-loaded ABs against Papelbon in his career.
—– It’s not only the first time Mo and Papelbon blew saves in the same game, it’s the first time they blew saves in the same day. H/T ESPN Stats and Info for that.
—— The game ended when Hideki Okajima gave up a bases-loaded walk to bench player Juan Miranda, only in the game because they’d pinch-ran for Mark Teixeira earlier in the game and he’d come in to play first base. Miranda OBPed only .316 against LHP this year… in the minors.
——- It was the first walk-off walk for the Yankees since 2004, and the first in extra innings since 2000.
——– Here is your goddamn insane WPA graph wheeeeeeeeeeeee
Then again… considering that it was Yankees/Red Sox, is any of this REALLY unpredictable?

– There was bullpen fail in a game involving Arizona and it wasn’t Arizona’s bullpen.
— Arizona’s catcher Miguel Montero had one career triple entering today’s game. He had two in today’s game alone.

– Trevor Cahill before today, against the Texas Rangers in 2010: 4 GS, 26.2 IP, 3-0, 0.68 ERA, .183/.252/215/.467 against
— Today: 4 IP, 12 H, 7 R/ER
— And this with Texas’ hangover lineup, which included – DON’T LAUGH TOO HARD – Jeff Francoeur at cleanup.
—- Also, Texas’ Colby Lewis allowed just one run over six innings, but Oakland somehow scored nine runs total.
—– And lost.

– The Mets actually won a road series.
— Against the Phillies. In September.
— 38 players total were used in the game, which only lasted nine innings and a little over three hours.

– The Pirates had their last home game today. They’ll finish 40-41 at home. Considering they’re currently 55-100 overall, that’s actually not too horrible.

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