Daily Roundup, 09/25/10

Toronto hit four home runs, including a walkoff, and none from Jose Bautista.

Jon Lester had a perfect game through four, and a no-hitter through 5.1. It was broken up by Francisco Cervelli.

Both Jeremy Bonderman and Carl Pavano gave up seven runs on three home runs while striking out two over four innings.

After striking out the side tonight, Carlos Marmol’s K/9 for the season is now over 16.

One night after recording a pitch at over 105 mph, Aroldis Chapman threw a fastball clocked at a paltry 96.
-Naturally, he took the loss.

Pittsburgh won again.

Chris Volstad has thrown 15.2 scoreless innings.

Arizona’s bullpen didn’t give up any runs
-In fairness, they only had to get one out.
–It took them two relievers to get said out, and they allowed an inherited runner to score

Jay Payton tripled for the first time since August 1st, 2008.

holy freaking crap this catch

Troy Tulowitzki’s WPA for the Giants/Rockies game was a mind-boggling .948. He is having some kind of September.

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