Daily Roundup, 09/24/10

– The Yankees hit six home runs… and lost.
— It was the first time the Yankees had ever hit six home runs at home and lost, and only the third time in franchise history since 1950. Yeah… it’s been that kind of a week for the Yankees.
— Andy Pettitte and his 2.81 ERA prior to today got the start for the Yankees. And they still lost. Despite the six home runs. Noooooo.
—- The last time the Yankees hit six home runs and lost, in 1999, Pettitte got the start too.

– Jose Bautista hit two more home runs.
— Thanks to friend of the blog @msimonespn for this: Bautista had 52 HR in 1471 minor league at-bats. He has 52 home runs this season.

– The Astros had 15 hits?? And 10 runs??
— Brett Myers, who has been excellent this year, gave up six runs to the freakin’ Pirates in six innings.
— And took the win.
—- This was the Pirates’ 100th loss of the season. Maybe not all that unpredictable.

– Aroldis Chapman just threw 25 pitches and all of them were over 100 MPH.

– Five hitters hit two home runs tonight: A-Rod, Mark Teixeira, Bautista, Adam Dunn, and… Jayson Nix. (h/t @Nebkreb)

– Minnesota actually lost.
— The Phillies didn’t. They have an 11-game winning streak now. See, I told you they were fine in June!

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 09/24/10

  1. Chad says:

    Yeah, as that game was going on, I had been thinking about this blog. I had been thinking, “YCPB’s gonna love this one!”, but then I thought maybe not because it was a Yankee loss. Still a primo YCPB game–a season high for home runs but no win.
    –Bonus note on the Yankees-Red Sox game: Jed Lowrie was 4-for-4. It was his first career 4-hit game. Maybe not entirely unpredictable, but interesting.

  2. Chad says:

    Also, we have approached the clinching zone. The Rangers and Phillies can both clinch their divisions today, the Phillies with a win and a Braves loss, the Rangers with a win over Oakland. The Phillies can also clinch a playoff spot without clinching the division if they and the Braves both win, or if both San Diego and San Francisco lose.

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