Daily Roundup, 09/14/10

Nominations. Go make some.

some games are still in progress

–Livan Hernandez hit a home run.

–Jed Lowrie has two so far tonight. He’s the Red Sox back up shortstop, with now a total of six home runs on the season, and he’d have a higher OPS than any of the Mariners’ starters (with thanks to @d_a_cameron)
—Casey Kotchman drew a nine-pitch walk.

–Via @jorgearangue: “First [Manny] Delcarmen comes in for the Rockies earlier tonight and now Ramon Ramirez enters for the Giants. NL West decided by Red Sox castoffs”

–San Diego’s scored six runs in back-to-back games for the first time since mid-August
—-Heath Bell got an at bat.
——Jay Payton is playing.

–Cole Hamels struck out 13 in 6.2, threw 127 and (thank G-d), got the win.

–Zack Greinke actually had an 11-0 lead after three innings.
—-The Royals scored those runs off of Gio Gonzalez who had an ERA in the three-teens coming into this game.

–The Orioles have won their fourth straight series for the first time since 2004
—-They had 16 hits today, against the Blue Jays who are very not pushovers.
—–They’re no longer the worst team in the American League–that honor belongs to Seattle.
——-The Astros are not only still in third place, they’re just five games under .500.

–Daniel Hudson has nine straight quality starts for the Diamondbacks, and he’s under team control ’til 2017.

–The Yankees-Rays game was a little crazy…
—The Yankees blew a 6-0 lead…
—-lost the lead on a Willy Aybar home run…
—–Regained the lead after Jorge Posada had a 10th inning pinch hit home run on top of the restaurant
——-won the game when Greg Golson (who?) threw out Carl Crawford trying to tag and go to third.

–The Dodgers won a game in which they had one hit, and the one hit was a single.
—Should it surprise us that Barry Zito took the can’t-get-any-tougher-than-that loss?

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