Daily Roundup 09/10/10

–The Yankees and Rangers combined to go 4-28 with RISP, use 19 pitchers and start a game two hours earlier than the West Coast games, and finish after Oakland-Boston and San Diego-San Francisco. This is why you’re getting a three AM roundup.

–Via @AnthonyMichaeI Tonight, Chris Carpenter went 2 for 3 & Carlos Zambrano went 3 for 4. Yeah, at the plate.
–Carpenter hit a home run, actually.
—Zambrano also pitched most of a three hit shut out.

–Jose Bautista hit two more home runs today. He’s at 46 for the season and needs one more to tie the Jays’ record. Too bad he couldn’t let the Yankees have one of those home runs… [/why yes I’m bitter, why do you ask?]

–Clay Buchholz gave up five runs to the Athletics in one inning and change before being removed.

–There is may be more that occurred, but it’s 2.30 AM and I can’t keep my eyes open. So, this post may be edited once it’s daylight again.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup 09/10/10

  1. Chad says:

    The Red Sox bullpen then pitched 7 innings of three-hit, shutout baseball, including keeping any of the runners inherited from Buchholz from scoring.

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