Daily Roundup, 09/08/10

The Padres/Dodgers game is still in progress

–Yorvit Torrealba, a catcher, has seven stolen bases on the year.

–Among home run hitters tonight: Omar Vizquel, Jose Molina, Peter Bourjos, Matt Tuiasosopo, Wilson Ramos. Jose Bautista is not among them.
–Boston hit four home runs off of Tampa starter Matt Garza

–Jeremy Bonderman tonight: 8 ip, 3 H, 1 R/ER, 1 BB, 8 K

–The Mariners had two home runs in two innings!

–Braves: 14 hits, 9 runs, Pirates: 12 hits, 3 runs. None of these runs was a home run.
—The Jays had 16 hits and did not have a Bautista home run.

–Brett Myers has an ERA under 3.00. For the third-placed Astros.

–At one point, via Joe Sheehan, “In the last seven innings, the Indians are 11-for-30 with three walks. They’ve scored one run.”
–The Angels won. In 16 innings. Joe West umped home plate.
—See the box score here.

–Andres Torres committed his first error in 205 games–since 2005. Via @extrabaggs

–After FIFTEEN YEARS!! in the minors, John Lindsey is getting his first Major League at bat. Or maybe not. Depends on what Torre does here.
[edit]: Torre pulled him for Eithier, who promptly GIDP’d. Grar. Major grar.

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