Daily Roundup, 09/03/10

Some games are still in progress

-Luke French took a no-hitter into the seventh.
–Yet it was his opponent, Fausto Carmona that pitched a complete game (loss).

-Kenshin Kawakami, (yes, a pitcher), who is slugging .167, had a hit. I know pitchers don’t hit, really, but slugging .167 is just flat out crazy.
–The Marlins were 3-12 with RISP and still scored six runs.

-Jason Giambi had a play in tonight’s Rockies/Padres game where he dove once to stop the ball, and again to reach first base for the out.
–The Padres are on their way to losing eight in a row.
—They’ve also retired 18 in a row.
—–It’s a 4-3 game in the eighth, so it might change by the time you read this…

-Cole Hamels won a 1-0 game today, to improve his record to 9-10. His ERA for the season is 3.18. Muh?

-RA Dickey actually lost a game. (The NY press has you believing such a thing doesn’t happen)
–Like the Marlins, the Mets were baaad with RISP (2-12) and still scored six runs. However, being the Mets, they lost the game.
— The Mets lost 7-6. They have the second-worst record in one-run games in all of MLB.
—- Of course, they lost to the Cubs. Who have the single worst record in one-run games in all of MLB.

–Zack Greinke started for the Royals, but Kansas City still had to use six pitchers (the game went eleven innings).

–The Astros and Diamondbacks each had a player (C Lee and G Parra) see just eight pitches in four at bats; Parra’s teammate Hudson, a pitcher, saw ten pitches in one at bat.

–The Rangers’ bullpen threw 29 pitches, just six of them were out of the strike zone.

–Cliff Pennington’s home run was his first since April 27th. Yes, you read that right.

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