Daily Roundup: 09/02/10

– The Indians/Mariners game just ended. It started at 10 PM EST. The Tigers/Twins game is not over. It started at 8 PM EST.
— The Twins have already used their scheduled starter for Friday.
— Actually, the Twins have used EIGHT pitchers in this game, and SEVEN have allowed runs.
—- Don Kelly hit a home run in Target Field. So did Gerald Laird.
—– Gerald Laird has more HRs at Target Field than Joe Mauer.

– Dallas Braden gave up just two hits… and took a loss.
— Remember the whole “get off my mound” thing? Of course you do. Anyway, today he pitched at Yankee Stadium, and in the sixth inning, he got a cramp. He had to… get off the mound.
— Sadly, Alex Rodriguez is on the DL, so he didn’t get to face Braden.

– Also in the Athletics/Yankees game, Nick Swisher left with a knee injury. Curtis Granderson, his replacement, hit two home runs.
— Cody Ransom also has a game in his Yankee career when he had a two-homer game off the bench.

– CC Sabathia was the first Yankee pitcher to throw 8+ innings and allow one or fewer hit/s since Andy Pettitte in 2003 (noted here merely as a point of pride because Bexy is writing this roundup).
— That was also against the As.
— In a game that the Yankees actually lost.
—- On a Mariano Rivera blown save.

– Rockies/Phillies whoah.
— The Phillies gave up 20 hits, and 11 runs… and won.
— It’s the first time a team has given up 20 hits and won since August 2008.
—- The Phillies trailed 4-0 and 6-2 at various points in the game.
—– Manny Delcarmen, just acquired from the Red Sox at the waiver trade deadline, made his Rockies debut. He gave up four runs and only got one out. Welcome to Coors!
—— Each team used 7 pitchers.

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