Daily Roundup: 08/31/10

– Cliff Lee’s line tonight: 4.2 IP, 10 H, 7 R/4 ER, 5 K, 108 pitches. Hey, at least he didn’t walk anyone?
— This was all against THE ROYALS.
— He gave up a home run to Yuniesky Betancourt.
—- Still, Texas has scored 9 runs against the Royals so far… and are tied going into the top of the tenth.

– On the other hand, in terms of good pitching performances, Jordan Zimmermann went 6 innings, gave up one hit, walked no one, and struck out nine.
— It’s only included here because it was his second start back from Tommy John surgery.

– As I’m writing this, the Rangers/Royals game just ended. Texas scored 9 runs against the Royals, with Cliff Lee on the mound… and lost.
— On a walk-off wild pitch.
— Technically, the wild pitch was the last pitch of a four-pitch (unintentional) walk to, again, Yuniesky Betancourt.

– Athletics starters gave up 8+ runs in back-to-back games for the first time since May 2006.

– Kenley Jansen just pinch-hit for the Dodgers. He’s a pitcher.
— He got a hit, too.
— Then he didn’t pitch in the next inning.

– The Cardinals are on a 1-7 slide playing the Nationals and Astros.
— They lost to the Astros tonight 3-0, and managed just two hits. After losing to the Astros 3-0 last night, and managing just two hits.
— The Cardinals have just eleven runs over their past five games. The Blue Jays scored ten runs tonight… in one inning.

– Gabe Gross made the final out for the As against the Yankees two nights in a row, after coming in to rest the regulars in what were both Yankee blowouts. (h/t @amandarykoff)
— The Yankees beat the As 9-3. They scored all their runs by the end of the fourth inning.
— Jorge Posada tripled.

– Tampa Bay’s Jeff Niemann has given up 17 ER in 8.1 IP since coming off the DL. He gave up 17 ER in April and May combined. (h/t @jaysonst)

– The Pirates routed the Cubs, 14-7.
— It was 9-2 Pirates after five.
— The Cubs are 4-10 against the Pirates this season.

– The Orioles have their first winning August since 1997.
— They managed to accomplish this by going 6-0 against the Angels during the month, and beating Boston tonight. They were 4-24 against those two teams just last year.

– Edwin Jackson has a 1.47 ERA since coming to the White Sox. He’s also struck out ten or more batters in each of his White Sox starts.

– Jose Bautista hit another HR. At this point, this is certainly predictable, but we’re gonna keep mentioning it, dammit!

– Apparently teams are willing to trade for Jeff Francoeur.

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