Daily Roundup, 08/26/10–Keeping the Crazy Going

With only nine games being played and having so much craziness happening yesterday, you might think tonight would be a relatively boring night around the league. Well, you would be wrong.

Carlos Monasterios was pitching a pretty effective, if inefficient game. He had given up one run on just two hits through the first 4 innings, when the wheels came off. He walked the pitcher (in his defense, Yovani Gallardo is a pretty decent hitter), then hit Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart, loading the bases with one out for Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, who had already homered earlier. Joe Torre yanked Monasterios, meaning the Dodger bullpen–which collectively has a 5.30 ERA for the entire month of August–would have to put out a fire and then pitch more than half the game, starting with Ronald Belisario, who had given up 9 runs in 5.2 August innings.
-Belisario struck out Braun, then George Sherrill got Fielder to ground out.
–Outside of a leadoff walk to Jonathan Lucroy in the 7th, the LA bullpen pitched 4.2 perfect innings, striking out 8.
—After Milwaukee failed to score in the fifth, Gallardo fell apart. It was the first time in Milwaukee history that a pitcher gave up 6 runs in a game in which he struck out ten (10+ strikeouts and 5 ER had been done three times before, most recently in 1994).

If you haven’t already, read the roundup from yesterday’s action. With so much going on, we missed this gem from the Phillies-Astros game (h/t to friend of the blog Jules, for pointing that out). That play ended the bottom of the 7th. Houston had just taken the lead in the top half of the inning, and with two outs, Jimmy Rollins was facing Mark Melancon, who had thrown 49 pitches over three innings the night before. Francisco was the tying run.

Today, Houston completed the sweep with a 5-1 win.
-Houston swept Philadelphia four games in Philadelphia while scoring just 15 runs.
–Philadelphia went just 3-23 with RISP over four games.

The Mets drew leadoff walks in seven different innings (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th).
-All told, Florida pitching issued nine walks.
–One of those was to Jeff Francoeur!!…who was promptly thrown out trying to go first to third (for first out of the inning).
—Overall, they scored runs in just two frames in which they drew leadoff walks.
—-Their biggest frame was the two-run first. The first two batters in that inning made outs.
—–The Mets had 10 hits in addition to their 9 walks.
——They scored just four runs while the Marlins scored 11.
——-That’s probably because only three of the Mets’ ten hits were with RISP while 8 of Florida’s 11 were.

Baltimore has lost 11 of 14, this time on 8 innings of 3-hit shutout ball from Edwin Jackson. He struck out ten and only walked two. I guess Buck Showalter’s pixie dust wore off.

Cliff Lee in the month of August: 6.20 ERA, 1.352 WHIP, 5 walks (he had 7 walks on the whole year coming into August). Another rough outing tonight in which he walked a guy for the third straight start, and lasted a season-low 5 innings.

Lou Marson stole his 6th base of the year, moving him into a tie with Russell Martin, Miguel Olivo, and Yorvit Torrealba for the ML lead second in stolen bases by a catcher. Jason Kendall has 12! (thanks, glp)

Ian Kennedy and his 4.41 ERA and ML-leading 15 wild pitches threw 7 innings of 1-hit shutout ball with 12 strikeouts against the NL’s best team.
-Arizona acquired Sam Demel in June to try to bolster their historically bad bullpen. He has pitched pretty decently (a 4.45 ERA out of that pen is better than decent) for the most part,
–Tonight, he relieved Kennedy and gave up 5 runs while only recording one out, pushing his ERA all the way up to 5.65. A few months late, but welcome to the Arizona Bullpen, Sam Demel.
—Luckily, the Diamondbacks had scored 11 runs, putting it out of reach despite their pen’s best efforts.

And then there is the Washington-St. Louis game.
-For one thing, Albert Pujols hit his 400th home run. Home run milestones (shiny round number milestones in general) are probably the most predictable things around, but he turned 30 this year and has 400 home runs. Congrats to Albert.
— Randy Winn was 4-6 with a stolen base. Randy Winn!
—Drew Storen put out a fire in the 8th inning, but in the ninth, he had runners on second and third one out for Pujols. The inevitable intentional walk was followed by…a game tying hit batsman.
—-Randy Winn then singled in two more, giving the Cardinals the lead.
—–The Nationals tied it again in the bottom of the ninth due to Alberto Gonzalez and Roger Bernadina.
——After being hit in the ninth, Matt Holliday had to leave the game, and the ensuing double switch led to the pitcher batting cleanup (didn’t we just see that just yesterday with the Phillies?).
——-Not surprisingly, Pujols was intentionally walked the next two times he came up, despite the bases being empty with two outs in the 11th and a runner on first and two outs in the 13th. The pinch hitters replacing his protection? Kyle Lohse and Adam Wainwright. Neither got it done.

Jose Bautista hit another home run, his 41st. Daily Roundup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup, 08/26/10–Keeping the Crazy Going

  1. glp says:

    Actually, Jason Kendall has 12 stolen bases this year – that’s double any of the other catchers you list.

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