Daily Roundup 08/25/10–Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Baseball Gods for they are subtle and quick to anger

Um. Yeah. Dude. I don’t even know where to start. (thanks to our friends at ESPN Stats and Info for much of this…)

–WIlie Bloomquist batted third for the Royals this afternoon.
—“Bloomquist is a career .255 hitter with a .305 on-base percentage and .310 slugging percentage against righties, including .205/.221/.253 this season” (from /Hardball Talk
——-He hit a game-winning home run this afternoon.
———-The Royals actually came back from three down to win it.
————–Which, compared to what’s written below, is more like a dead even game than a comeback.

–At one point, the Braves led the Rockies 10-1.
—They lost.
—-In nine innings.
—–In six innings of that game, there were three or more runs scored per inning.
——-Carlos Gonzalez, home/road weighted on base split: .489/.302
———-Both starters were charged with 7+ earned runs (and two more in other games were, as well).
————Both teams had the same number of hits. (Atlanta had two errors; Colorado didn’t. The Rockies also walked six times).
—————By the fourth inning, every Braves starter including the pitcher (Jair Jurrjens) had an extra base hit.
——————-Atlanta managed just two hits the rest of the game.
———————Every previous team to do that (every starter with an XBH through the fourth) went on to win by SIXTEEN runs. At least. The Braves lost.
————————It’s the 48th time this season the braves have scored 4+ runs and only the third game of those they’ve lost.

–If that’s not good enough for you, Cincinnati lead San Francisco at one point 10-1.
—Then they blew that lead, as well.
—-The Reds did come back to win, but still!
—–The Giants scored eleven runs on eighteen hits.
——Buster Posey went 0-6.
——– Before today’s game, it was already the first time since 1973 the giants scored 11+ runs in back-to-back home games
————Since moving to California, the Giants are 147-3 in home games when they score 11 or more runs.
————–Today’s loss was the first home loss by that many runs in 27 years–that’s longer than I’ve been alive!
—————–The Giants had five errors, but somehow this only lead to two unearned runs.
——————–The last time the Giants lost any game when they had 18 hits? 8/4/93.
———————–Pablo Sandoval (yes, that one) stole a base.
————————–A closer got the win (Cordero), and a starter (Zito) took the loss.
—————————–Arthur Rhodes gave up three runs, only the second time all season that has happened.
——————————–Of course, he blew the save in doing so.
———————————–San Francisco’s 6-run 8th ended with closer Brian Wilson batting…it was actually his 3rd PA of the year.
—————————————-Cincinnati had pitcher Mike Leake pinch hit in the seventh inning.
———————————————No one in the game struck out more than twice.

–JD Drew hit a home run off of Felix Hernandez.
—That home run is the first earned run King Felix has surrendered in his last 4 starts (27.2 IP)
—-Felix still got the win.
—–His record, despite being considered one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, is still 10-10.

–The Phillies had Halladay on the mound, and lost to the Astros.
—-In fact, they have won the first three of four
—–In Philadelphia.
——-JA Happ, against his former team, actually had a no-no going through four.
——–Michael Bourn hit a home run off of Halladay.
——— He has a career SLG of .342 and it’s .321 this year.

–Jason Marquis pitched 7.1 innings of 4-hit, one run baseball.
—-It lowered his ERA by a full 2.60 points, lowering it to 8.79.
——He was pitching against his former team, the Cubs.
———He pitched scoreless baseball into the eighth…
————The Cubs won 4-0.
————-Carlos Marmol has a 16.5 k/9… and “only” a 2.57 k/bb ratio

–Pittsburgh beat the Cardinals, winning that series.
—-It’s their first series win since 7/27-29 at Colorado.
—–It’s their first home series win since 7/16-18.
——-Suddenly, being an Orioles fan doesn’t sound so bad, does it?
–Speaking of which,
—Brian Matusz outpitched Mark Buehrle
—-I can’t spell either name without looking.

–Niemann gave up 10 runs in 3.1 innings.
—-That’s the second time this season a Rays starter has gone 3.1 with 10 earned runs.
——-Both times have been to under .500 teams.
———Mike Napoli hit a grand slam and drove in six runs.

–What, you think I’d do this without a Yankee reference?
—Phil Hughes gave up five runs in 3.2 innings; banished-to-the-bullpen Javy Vazquez gave up 1 run in 4.1
—-The Yankees (3-7) were better than the Jays (2-7) with RISP
——Toronto still won by 3
——–Jose Bautista did not homer

–Hanley Ramirez went from first base to third base on a pickoff.
—-Yes, the Mets were involved.
——-The Marlins scored five runs, but never more than one run in an inning.

–Octavio Dotel is closing for the Dodgers. It was his 22nd save of the season.
—-What would you prefer, closing for the now-18-losing-seasons-in-a-row Pirates, or having Joe Torre manage your arm?

–The two through seven Oakland hitters all scored a run, and none scored more than one run. It looks funky in the box score.

–Better hope Ryan Roberts never wants to be a Yankee

Picture 2

Picture 3

—–Wade LeBlanc is hitting .300 and was 1-3 through part of the Arizona/San Diego game.
——-He’s a pitcher.
———-The Padres had nine runs through four innings.
————-Through the seventh inning, Stephen Drew is 4-4 with two 2B and two HR.

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1 Response to Daily Roundup 08/25/10–Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Baseball Gods for they are subtle and quick to anger

  1. Chad says:

    Really? You messed up the final score of the Yankee game? It was 6-3.

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