Daily Roundup, 08/17/10

–Jon Garland has pitched 17 consecutive scoreless innings.

–On the other side of the NL West Race, the Giants’ pitchers are 0-8, 5.79 in their last thirteen. This includes the saintlies Lincecum and Cain, which almost makes you wonder how the Giants are still in the race at all.

–The Marlins snapped an 0-36 streak with runners in scoring position.
—-Broken up by the pitcher.
——If the end of that streak disappoints you, never fear, the Dodgers are working on an had a 0-26 one themselves.

–The Cubs lost 1-0 for the first time in three years.
—I still can’t believe that this is possible.
—–I mean, dude, come on, it’s the Cubs!

–It’s perfectly predictable that K-Rod’s fracas would have resulted in negative consequences.
—That he was stupid enough to actually get himself hurt,
—–Then stupid enough to go out and pitch, and
——Then stupid enough to admit he got hurt in the brawl, and not in the game…
———Yeah, K-Rod deserves that DQ for pure stupidity.
————The Mets actually lead the league in shut outs.
—————No, I couldn’t not include that.

–Orioles, still no longer the worst team in baseball.
—-Though they tried to reclaim the title, as they lost to the Mariners.
——And were no-hit by Luke French (!) into the sixth.

Jorge Posada stole a base
–He turned 39 today, and wasn’t fast even when he was young.
—It was his third stolen base of the season, matching his career high.
—-It was his third stolen base of the month.
—–In fact, since his first stolen base on August 7th, he has only played in eight games (and one of those was a single AB pinch-hitting appearance).

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 08/17/10

  1. Jorge Posada hasn’t been caught stealing since 2004.

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