Daily Roundup, 08/15/10

– The Royals won a 1-0 game.
— Against the Yankees
— Zack Greinke didn’t pitch.
—- Bryan Bullington did, though. You know, the Bryan Bullington that was taken as the first overall pick by the Pirates in the 2002 draft over, well, Zack Greinke (and, among others, Matt Cain, Prince Fielder, Cole Hamels, Nick Swisher, and BJ Upton), who didn’t have a career major league win before today.
—– The Yankees had more errors than hits.
—— Excuse me while I cry.

– The Tigers/White Sox game was super wacky.
— Detroit had a 5-1 lead after four and a half innings, then blew it to put the White Sox ahead 7-5. Then, the Tigers scored one run in the seventh and three in the eighth. Just for good measure, they scored four in the top of the ninth as well.
— This was Detroit’s first road series win in ten tries.
—- Oh, and Detroit starter Armando Galarraga and catcher Alex Avila yelled at each other in the dugout.

– The last time the Royals beat the Yankees 1-0 it was June 1972.

– Seattle’s Felix Hernandez gave up six unearned runs.
— Meanwhile, Justin Masterson of Cleveland, who Seattle played, walked six in six innings… and those six innings were shutout innings.

– Minnesota’s Kevin Slowey was pulled after seven no-hit innings due to pitch count/injury issues. That’s the latest that any starter, September callups aside, has been pulled with a no-hitter intact since JP Howell was pulled after five hitless innings on September 25, 2005. Thanks to @jaysonst on Twitter for that last bit!

– I’m watching the Phillies/Mets game on ESPN and Kyle Kendrick got thrown out at first base by the right fielder. I’ve seen that happen at least three times pretty recently, all three times by NL East pitchers (Roy Oswalt after his trade to the Phillies and Mike Minor of Atlanta).
— Phillies just won 3-1. So, this was the first Phillies/Mets game at Citi Field that wasn’t a shutout by either team.

– Over his last six starts, Tim Lincecum is 1-3 with an ERA over 6.
— His line today: 3.2 IP, 8 H, 6 R/5 ER, 3 BB, 6 K, 93 pitches.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup, 08/15/10

  1. Chris says:

    Howell isn’t the last time a pitcher had been pulled that deep into a possible no-hitter. Jered Weaver was pulled after six hitless innings in an eventual 1-0 loss to the Dodgers on June 28, 2008.

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