Daily Roundup, Friday the 13th oh-ten

–Two days after Stephen Drew was part of a four-home-runs-in-a-row feat, brother JD was part of three HRs in a row in the Boston-Texas game.
—The Red Sox still lost.

–The Mets tossed a one-hit complete game shutout.
—It was tossed by knuckleballer RA Dickey.
—-The one hit was by Phillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels.
—–It’s a Mets’ starter’s second complete game in as many day.
——The Phillies haven’t scored in 36 innings at Citi Field this year. Their batting line is .171/.237/.187 during that time. (Via @sabometrics)
——–The Mets game was completed in less time than the second Yankees-Royals rain delay.

–Mike Stanton had yet another home run. We knew he’d be good, but kid is 20.

–The Athletics had 14 hits and Twins had 5 hits. The Twins won.

–Via @jessespector: Taylor Buchholz: 14 pitches, four strikes, one walk, no one left on base. (Flyout on a 3-0 count, caught stealing, foul pop.)

–The Orioles won again. It’s like Jose Bautista, as long as they keep winning they’ll keep finding themselves in YCPB territory.

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