Daily Roundup, 8/04/2010 (If it Makes You Happy)

–Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th home run today. This is not all that remarkable, since we’ve been waiting for it for a couple of weeks.
—It was hit on the same exact day–August 4th–that he hit his 500th home run three years ago.
—-The Yankees even had the same starter (Phil Hughes) on the mound.
—–It was a two-run home run in the first
——It was the Yankees’ FOURTH two run first inning home run in their last six games…and the first time they won the game.

–The Mets have not won a National League series on the road this entire season.
—Their only road series wins–back to back sweeps–came during interleague play, when they beat the Indians and the Orioles.
—–They split a two game set against the Nationals in May and a four game set against the Nats later on, but every other series they’ve played on the road in a National League ballpark this season has been a loss.
——–The Yankees have nine series losses, total.

–There were fifteen runs scored in the Brewers-Cubs game today.
—It wasn’t the Brewers that scored them.
—-Fourteen of those runs came in three innings; the game was 3-1 into the sixth.

–Ubaldo Jimenez has 17 wins, despite having an ERA over five since June (going into today’s game).

–Justin Masterson is 2-0, 0.47 against the red sox, and 2-10, 5.98 against everyone else. Via @peteabe

–The Angels had 17 hits.
—and lost.
—-To the Orioles.

–Matt Guerrer closed out Minnesota’s win against the Rays
—Early this year, pitching against the same team, he was tagged for eight runs in two innings.

–Vicente Padilla coming of the DL in nine starts thru 56 IP : 13 BB, 50 K, 1.93 ERA, 0.821 WHIP. Via @truebluela
—He had a no-no through 6.1 tonight.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 8/04/2010 (If it Makes You Happy)

  1. Chad says:

    The Indians scored 9 runs against the Red Sox.
    –Just two of them were earned.

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