Daily Roundup, 08/03/10

Juan Pierre hit a home run. The last time that happened was September 2008. Before that? September 2006. The list of players who qualify for rate stats with no home runs is now down to Kendall, Morgan, and Andrus.

The Astros, who came into today with a collective OPS of .661 (last in the NL), scored 18 runs off the Cardinals (2nd in ERA). Even so, they only had five extra base hits and no home runs.

The Yankees played a 2:21 game. Joe West could not be reached for comment.
-the Yankees managed just two hits. One of them was an infield single from Marcus Thames.
–Jose Bautista now has 33 home runs.
—Kerry Wood has recorded five outs as a Yankee. All of them have been strikeouts.

Jeff Francoeur drew a four pitch walk. For the second time in the past week.
-In that same game, Chipper Jones came up against the Mets as the tying run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and didn’t come up with a dramatic hit.

Mike Lowell homered on the first pitch he saw since coming back from the DL. Speaking of the DL, the Red Sox have sustained DL stints this year from Beckett, Pedroia, Youkilis, Martinez, Ellsbury, Cameron, and Lowell…and not JD Drew.

Roy Halladay had two RBIs, doubling his career total.

The Orioles won. Even so, with Tampa’s victory, their tragic number for the division is 23. It is mathematically possible for them to be officially out of contention two weeks from now.

Joe Saunders completed his third game tonight. Eleven teams have fewer than three complete games.

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