Daily Roundup 07/31/10

Here’s hopin’ you won the trade deadline.

– Jeff Suppan won a game!

– Thanks to dpatrickg on Twitter: The Yankees hit .188 tonight… and slugged .563. Six hits, zero singles.

– Remember how Jose Valverde threw sixty pitches last night for the Tigers and was therefore unavailable tonight? Yeah, well, the relief pitcher Jim Leyland put in there to close out a 4-2 game in the bottom of the ninth inning promptly blew it. Actually, this probably IS predictable.

– The Mets beat the Diamondbacks, finally. Since the All-Star Break, I believe the Diamondbacks are 4-14… and all four of their wins are against the Mets.

– Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Rockies the win… and himself the cycle. The last time that happened was 1984.

Check out this throw. I don’t even know where that was going…

– The Orioles are more games out of first place than they have wins

– There was a Harden/Haren matchup in Anaheim tonight.

– I’m sorry but Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman in non-Astro uniforms just kind of weirds me out for the time being.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 07/31/10

  1. Rey22 says:

    Didn’t Jason Kubel of the Twins hit a walk-off grand slam that also gave him the cycle last year?

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